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stairs. Well, its gone, the Sergeant informed us, as the two stepped into the room. No doubt taken with the dagger, Bliss supplemented. Suppose I send for a couple of the boys and give the house the once-over, Heath suggested. Thats not necessry, Sergeant, Vance told him. Ive a feelin it wont be hard to find. Markham was becoming annoyed at Vances vagueness. I suppose, he said, with a tinge of sarcasm, you can tell us exactly where we can find the sheath. Yes, I rather think so. Vance spoke with thoughtful ray ban wayfarer seriousness. However, Ill verify my theory later… . In the meantimehe addressed himself to Blis ray ban wayfarer sId be greatly obliged if youd remain in your room until we finish our investigation. Bliss bowed in acquiescence. Were going to the drawing-room for a while, Vance continued. Theres a little

legalistic system; and, as a result, a creature like Bliss is t ray ban wayfarer o be turned loose on the world. Moreover, a harmless chap like Salveter is to be put under suspicion and ruined. Also, Meryt-Amena courageous lady I realize all that. Markham raised himself, an agonized look on his face. And yet, Vance, theres not one piece of convincing evidence against Bliss. Most distressin. Your only hope seems to be that the eminent doctor will meet with a sudden and fatal accident. Such things do happen, dont y know. Vance smo ray ban wayfarer ked for a moment. If only Hanis gods had the supernatural power attributed to them! he sighed. How deuced simple! And really, An.bis hasnt shown up at all well in this affair. Hes been excruciatingly lazy. As the god of the underworld Thats enough! Markham rose. Have a little sense

disposed towards h ray ban wayfarer im. Indeed, she spoke as though she feared that he might discover the truth. After half-an-hour I left, and more puzzled than ever, returned to the house in Richmond Road. Sometimes I felt entirely convinced that my love was authoress of the foul deed; yet at others there seemed something wanting in the confirmation of my suspicions. Regarding the latter I could not overlook the fact that Short had told a story which was false on the face of it, while ray ban wayfarer the utter absence of any motive on my loves part in murdering the old gentleman seemed to point in an entirely opposite direction. Dr. Diplock, the coroner, had fixed the inquest for eleven oclock on the morrow; therefore I assisted Dr. Farmer, of Kew, the police surgeon, to make the post-mortem. We made the examination in

two persons. They were speaking together, but in a tone so low that I could not catch any word uttered. Nevertheless, as they emerged from the semi-darkness the moon ray ban wayfarer shone full upon them, revealing to me that they were a man and a woman. Next instant a cry of blank amazement escaped me, for I was utterly unprepared for the sight I witnessed. I could not believe my eyes; nor could you, my reader, had you been in my place. The woman walking there, close to me, was young Mrs. Courtenaythe man was none other than her dead husband! Chapter 17 Chapter 17 DISCUSSES SEVERAL MATTERS. Reader, I know that what ray ban wayfarer I have narrated is astounding. It astounded me just as it astounded you. There are moments when ones brain becomes dulled by sudden bewilderment at sight of the absolutely impossible. It

lifted her tear-stained face towards me, all rosy with blushes and wearing ray ban wayfarer that sweet look which I had known so well in the happy days bygone. If you wish it ray ban wayfarer , Ralph, she faltered, we will forget that any breach between us has ever existed. I desire nothing else; for, as you well know, I love no one else but you. I have been foolish, I know. I ought to have explained the girlish romantic affection I once entertained for that man who afterwards married Mary. In those days he was my ideal. Why, I cannot tell. Girls in their teens have strange caprices, and that was mine. Just as schoolboys fall violently in love with married women, so are schoolgirls sometimes attracted towards aged men. People wonder when they hear of May and December marriages; but they are not always from mercenary motives,

they never could think of just the right things to wish for, and their wishes sometimes turned out very oddly indeed. In the end their unwise wishings landed them in what Robert called a very tight place indeed, and the Psammead cons ray ban wayfarer ented to help them out of it in return for their promise never never to ask it to grant them any more wishes, and never to tell anyone about it, because it did not want to be bothered to give wishes to an ray ban wayfarer yone ever any more. At the moment of parting Jane said politely I wish we were going to see you again some day. And the Psammead, touched by this friendly thought, granted the wish. The book about all this is called Five Children and It, and it ends up in a most tiresome way by saying The children DID see the Psammead again, but it was not in the sandpit; it

Old Nurse met them with amazement. Well, if ever I did! she said. Whats gone wrong? Youve soon tired of your picnic. The children took this to be bitter irony, which means saying the exact opposite of what you mean in order to make yourself disagreeable; as when you happen to have a dirty face, and someone says, How nice and clean you look! Were very sorry, began Anthea, but old Nurse said Oh, bless me, child, I dont care! Please yourselves and ray ban wayfarer youll please me. Come in and get your dinners comftable. Ive got a potato on a-boiling. When she had gone to attend to the potatoes the children looked at each other. Could it be that old Nurse ha ray ban wayfarer d so changed that she no longer cared that they should have been away from home for twenty-four hoursall night in factwithout any explanation whatever? But

boys who were playing with dried chestnuts fastened to a string. Ginger! remarked Robert, theyre playing conkers, just like the kids in Kentish Town Road! They could see now that three walls surrounded the island on which they were. The outermost wall was of brass, the Captain told them ray ban wayfarer ; the next, which looked like silver, was covered with tin; and the innermost one was of oricalchum. And right in the middle was a wall of gold, with golden towers and gates. Behold the Temples of Poseidon, said the Captain. It is not lawful for me to enter. I will await your return here. He told them what they ought to say, and the five people from Fitzroy Street took hands and went forward. The golden gates slowly opened. We are the childr ray ban wayfarer en of the Sun, said Cyril, as he had been told, and our High Priest,