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mind if I smoke? Do you mind if I do? Vance leapt to his feet and extended his case. AhR├ęgies! She selected a cigarette. You are very fortunate, Mr. Vance. There were none left in Turkey when I applied for a shipment. I am doubly fortunate that I am able to offer ray ban aviator small frame you one. Vance lighted her cigarette and resumed his seat. Who, do you think, Mrs. Bliss, was most benefited by Mr. Kyles death? he put the question carelessly, but I could see he was watching her closely. I couldnt say. The woman was clearly on her guard. But surely, pursued Vance, some one benefited by his death. Otherwise he would not have been murdered. That point is one the police should ascertain. I can give you no assistance along that line. It may be that the police have satisfied themsel ray ban aviator small frame ves, and that I merely asked you

centre-table. Here, effendi, he said in a low voice, is the sheath of the royal dagger. I found it lying against the baseboard of the second-story hall, near the head of the stairs. Vance scarcely glanced at it. Thanks awfully, he drawled. I rather thought youd find it. But of course it wasnt in the hall. I assure you Oh, quite. Vance looked straight into Hanis eyes, and presently a faint, gentle smile crep ray ban aviator small frame t into his gaze. Isnt it true, Hani, he asked pointedly, that you found the sheath exactly where you and I believed it to be hidden? The Egyptian did not answer at once. Presently he said: I have told my story, effendi. You may draw your own conclusion. Vance appeared satisfied and waved his hand toward the door. And now, Hani, g ray ban aviator small frame o to bed. We shant need you any more to-night. Leiltak sa.

for the life of me, discover any cause why you should allow yourself to have these touches of the bluesunless its liver, or some other internal organ about which you know a lot more than I do. Why ray ban aviator small frame , man, youve got the whole world before you, and as for Ethelwynn Ethelwynn! I ejaculated, starting up from my chair. Leave her out of the question! We need not discuss her, and I walked to the mantel-shelf to light a fresh cigarette. As you wish, my dear fellow, said my merry, easy-going friend. I merely wish to p ray ban aviator small frame oint out the utter folly of all this suspicion. I dont suspect her, I snapped. I didnt suggest that. Then, after a pause during which he smoked on vigorously, he suddenly asked, Well now, be frank, Ralph, whom do you really suspect? I was silent. Truth to tell, his question entirely

whose philanthropy was probably well known to you all, and we must all therefore regret that he should have come to such a sudden and tragic end. You may, of course, come ray ban aviator small frame to a verdict to-day if you wish, but I would strongly urge an adjournmentuntil, say, this day week. The jury conferred for a few moments, and after some whispering the forem ray ban aviator small frame an, a grocer at Kew Bridge, announced that his fellow jurymen acquiesced in the coroners suggestion, and the public rose and slowly left, more puzzled than ever. Ambler Jevons had been present, sitting at the back of the room, and in order to avoid the others we lunched together at an obscure public-house in Brentford, on the opposite side of the Thames to Kew Gardens. It was the only place we could discover, save the hotel where the inquest had been

was old Mr. Courtenay, without a doubt. That being so, who could have been the unfortunate man who had been struck to the heart so mysteriously? So strange and complicated were all the circumstances, and so cleverly had the chief actors in the drama arranged its details, that Courtenay himself was convinced that for others to learn the truth was utterly impossible ray ban aviator small frame . Yet it was more than remarkable that he sought not to disguise his personal appearance if he wished to remain dead to ray ban aviator small frame the world. Perhaps, however, being unknown in that rural districtfor he once had told me that he had never visited his wifes home since his marriagehe considered himself perfectly safe from recognition. Besides, from their conversation I gathered that they only met on rare occasions, and certainly Mary kept up

could be. Im absolutely bewildered by it. Then you believe that youve at last gained the key to the mystery? I said, eagerly drinking in his words. It seems as though I have. Yet my information is so very vague and shadowy that I can really fo ray ban aviator small frame rm no decisive opinion. It is this mysterious death of Mrs. Courtenay that has utterly upset ray ban aviator small frame all my theories. Tell me plainly, Ralph, what causes you to suspect foul play? This is not a time for prevarication. We must be open and straightforward to each other. Tell me the absolute truth. Should I tell him frankly of the amazing discovery I had made? I feared to do so, lest he should laugh me to scorn. The actual existence of Courtenay seemed too incredible. And yet as he was working to solve the problem, just as I was, there seemed every reason why we

cage-bars, and wondered whether it would be possible to keep a sandy-coloured double-lop in ray ban aviator small frame the basement of the house in Fitzroy Street. I dont suppose old Nurse would mind VERY much, said Jane. Rabbits are most awfully tame sometimes. I expect it would know her voice and follow her all about. Shed tumble over it twenty times a day, said Cyril; now a snake There arent any snakes, said Robert hastily, and besides, I never could cotton to snakes somehowI wonder why. Worms are as bad, said Anthea, and eels and slugsI think its because we dont like things that havent got legs. Father says snakes have got legs ray ban aviator small frame hidden away inside of them, said Robert. Yesand he says WEVE got tails hidden away inside usbut it doesnt either of it come to anything REALLY, said Anthea. I hate things that havent any

she said softly, and as she spoke the charm grew into an arch so tall that the ray ban aviator small frame top of it was close against t ray ban aviator small frame he bedroom ceiling. Outside the arch was the bedroom painted chest-of-drawers and the Kidderminster carpet, and the washhand-stand with the riveted willow-pattern jug, and the faded curtains, and the dull light of indoors on a wet day. Through the arch showed the gleam of soft green leaves and white blossoms. They stepped forward quite happily. Even Jane felt that this did not look like lions, and her hand hardly trembled at all as she held the charm for the others to go through, and last, slipped through herself, and hung the charm, now grown small again, round her neck. The children found themselves under a white-blossomed, green-leafed fruit-tree, in what seemed to be an orchard