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is this? Who would want to take my husbands life? Who, indeed? Vance met her gaze calmly. If we knew, we could at least arrest the person for assault with a deadly weaponI believe thats the sale on ray ban aviators phrase. A deadly weapon? She frowned with obvious distress. Oh, tell me what happened! Vance indicated the dagge sale on ray ban aviators r on the table. All we know thus far is that yon golden dagger was projectin from the head of the bed when we arrived. We were on the point of asking your husband for a full account of the affair when you appeareda charming Nefret.tiat the door… . Perhaps, he went on, turning to Bliss, the doctor will recount the entire episode for us now. Theres really little to tell. Bliss sat up and began nervously to make creases in the folds of his dressing-gown. I came here to my room shortly after

letter had disappeared I was worried, for I suspected that Bliss had taken it. And when I saw it had been destroyed and thrown away, I was convinced we would find another letter. But since I had the original, I believed that the forged letter would, when it appeared, give us evidence against Bliss. So thats why you were so inte sale on ray ban aviators rested in those three words? Yes, Sergeant. I hardly thought Bliss would use tem and was and ankh in rewriting the letter, for he couldnt have known that Salveter had told us about the letter and specifically mentioned these three word sale on ray ban aviators s. And not one of the three words was in the forgery. But a handwriting expert Oh, I say, Sergeant! Dont be so na.f. A handwriting expert is a romantic scientist even when the writing is English script and familiar to him. And all his

he seemed to possess a peculiar facility in the sale on ray ban aviators solving of enigmas. At ordinary times he struck one as a rather careless, easy-going man, who drifted on through life, tasting and dealing in tea, with regular attendance at Mark Lane each day. Sometimes he wore a pair of cheap pince-nez, the frames of which were rusty, but these sale on ray ban aviators he seldom assumed unless he was what he termed at work. He was at work now, and therefore had stuck the pince-nez on the bridge of his nose, giving him a keener and rather more intelligent appearance. Excuse me, he exclaimed, suddenly twisting his ring again round his finger. Ive just thought of something else. I wont be a moment, and he rushed from the library and ran upstairs to the floor above. His absence gave me an opportunity to re-examine the little object

suppose, been a pretence at trying to solve the mystery; but, finding it too difficult, they have given it up, and turned their attention to some other crime more open and plain-sailing. Ive no faith in the police whatever. Its scandalous! I smiled; then said: My friend, Ambler Jevonsyou know him, for he dined at Richmond Road one eveninghas been most active in the affair. But hes not a detective. How can he expect to triumph where the police fail? He often does, I declared. His methods are different from the hardand-fast rules followed by the police. He commences at whatever point presents itself, and laboriously works backwards with a patience that is absolutely extraordinary. He has unearthed a doze sale on ray ban aviators n crimes where Scotland Yard has failed. An sale on ray ban aviators d is he engaged upon my poor husbands case?

day was dying, and the glamour of the fading sunset and the dead stillness of departing day had fallen upon everything. Escorted by a small crowd of curious villagers, we walked along the fo sale on ray ban aviators otpath over the familiar ground that I had traversed when following the pair. Eagerly we searched everywhere for traces of a struggle, but the only spot where the long grass was trodden down was at a point a little be sale on ray ban aviators yond the ferry. Yet as far as I could see there was no actual sign of any struggle. It was merely as though the grass had been flattened by the trailing of a womans skirt across it. Examination showed, too, imprints of Louis XV. heels in the soft clay bank. One print was perfect, but the other, close to the edge, gave evidence that the foot had slipped, thus establishing the spot as that

again to the clever impostor before him, he ad sale on ray ban aviators ded: You will therefore recognise that all your plotting, so well matured and so carefully planned that your demoniacal ingenuity almost surpasses the comprehension of man, has been in vain. By the neglect of one small detail, namel sale on ray ban aviators y to sufficiently disguise your identity when dealing with Curtis, I have been enabled, after a long and tedious search, to fix you as the man who on several occasions was made up to present in the night the appearance of the dead Courtenay. The work has taken me many tedious weeks. I visited every wig-maker and half the hairdressers in London unsuccessfully until, by mere chance, the ruffian whom you employed to entrap my friend Boyd gave me a clue to the fact that Curtis made wigs as well as theatrical costumes.

been able to sleepbut somehow, though they were rather frightened now and then, the feeling was growing in themdeep down and almost hidden away, but still growingthat the Psammead was to be trusted, and that they were really and truly safe. This did not prevent t sale on ray ban aviators heir being quite as much frightened as they could bear to be without being perfectly miserable. I suppose wed better go to sleep, said Robert. I dont know what on earth poor old Nurse will do with us out all night; set the police on our tracks, I expect. I only wish they could find us! A dozen policemen would be rather welcome just now. But its no use getting into a stew over it, he added soothingly. Good sale on ray ban aviators night. And they all fell asleep. They were awakened by long, loud, terrible sounds that seemed to come from everywhere at

seemed too busy at first to notice the group of newcomers from Fitzroy Street. Those who se sale on ray ban aviators emed to be officers were shouting orders to the men. They stood and looked across the wide quay to the town that rose beyond it. What they saw was the most beautiful sight any of them had ever seenor ever dreamed of. The blue sea sparkled in soft sunlight; little white-capped waves broke softly against the marble breakwaters that guarded the shipping of a great city from the wilderness of winter winds and seas. The quay was of marble, white and sparkling with a veining bright as gold. The city was of marble, red and white. The greater buildings that seemed to be t sale on ray ban aviators emples and palaces were roofed with what looked like gold and silver, but most of the roofs were of copper that glowed golden-red on the