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distinguish anything that was said. And of course you were not aware that any one turned off the light in the second-story hall round midnight. Had I not been asleep I would certainly have noticed it, as the light shines dimly up the stairs into my room. But when I awoke the light was on as usual. Hani frowned slightly. Who would h ray ban prescription glasses ave turned the hall light off at that hour? I wonder… . Vance did ray ban prescription glasses not take his eyes from the Egyptian. Doctor Bliss has just told us that it was some one who had designs on his life. Ah! The exclamation was like a sigh of relief. But the attempt, I gather, was not successful. No. It was quite a fiasco. The technic, I might say, was both stupid and hazardous. It was not Sakhmet. Hanis pronouncement was almost sepulchral. Really, now! Vance smiled slightly. She is

the truth and boast of his cleverness. And you must admit that your one chance of shipping the old codger to the executioner lies in a confession. Chief, couldnt we arrest the guy on the evidence he planted against himself? Heath asked irritably. There was that scarab pin, and the bloody foot-ma ray ban prescription glasses rks and the finger-prints No, no, Sergeant. Markham was impatient. He has covered himself at every point. And the moment we arrested him hed turn on Salveter. All wed achieve would be the ruination of an innocent man and the unhappiness of Mrs. Bliss. Heath capitulated. Yeah, I can see that, he said sourly, after a moment. But this situation slays me. Ive known some clever crooks in my day; but this bir ray ban prescription glasses d Bliss has em all beat … . Why not take Mr. Vances suggestion? Markham halted in his nervous

medical profession. I showed my chief the wound, explained its extraordinary features, and asked his opin ray ban prescription glasses ion. He removed his coat, turned up his shirt-cuffs, adjusted his big spectacles, and, bending beside the board upon which the body lay, made a long and careful inspection of the injury. Extraordinary! he ejaculated. Ive never known of such a wound before. One would almost suspect an explosive bullet, if it were not for the clean incised wound on the exterior. The ribs seem grazed, yet the manner in which such a hurt has been inflicted is utterly unaccountable. We have been unable to solve the enigma, ray ban prescription glasses Dr. Farmer observed. I was an army surgeon before I entered private practice, but I have never seen a similar case. Nor have I, responded Sir Bernard. It is most puzzling. Do you think

seized with curiosity, and at risk of detection cre ray ban prescription glasses pt forth from my hiding-place and looked out after them. To betray my presence would be to bar from myself any chance of learning the secret of it all; therefore I was compelled to exercise the greatest caution. Mary mourned the loss of her husband towards t ray ban prescription glasses he world, and yet met him in secret at nightwandering with him by that solitary bye-path along which no villager ever passed after dark, and lovers avoided because of the popular tradition that a certain unfortunate Lady of the Manor of a century ago walked there. In the fact of the mourning so well feigned I detected the concealment of some remarkable secret. The situation was, without doubt, an extraordinary one. The man upon whose body I had made a post-mortem examination was alive

a wild movement. Even from you. My face must have betrayed the annoyance that I felt, for the next second she hastened to soften her reply by saying: At present it is impossible for me to explain. Think! Poor Mary is lying upstairs. I can say nothing at presentnothingyou understand. Then afterwardsafter the burialyou will tell me w ray ban prescription glasses hat you know? Until I discover the truth I am resolved to maintain silence. All I can tell you is that the whole affair is so remarkable and astounding that its explanation will be even more bewildering t ray ban prescription glasses han the tangled chain of circumstances. Then you are actually in possession of the truth, I remarked with some impatience. What use is there to deny it? At present I have suspicionsgrave ones. That is all, she protested. What is your theory regarding poor Marys

notice that they were not cowardly enough to cry till their Father had gone; they knew he had quite enough to upset him without that. But when he was gone everyone felt as if it had been trying not ray ban prescription glasses to cry all its life, and that it must cry now, if it died for it. So they cried. Teawith shrimps and watercresscheered them a little. The watercress was arranged in a hedge round a fat glass salt-cellar, a tasteful device they had never seen before. But it was not a cheerful meal. After tea Anthea went up to the room that had been Fathers, and when she saw how dreadfu ray ban prescription glasses lly he wasnt there, and remembered how every minute was taking him further and further from her, and nearer and nearer to the guns of the Russians, she cried a little more. Then she thought of Mother, ill and alone, and perhaps at

the fearful joys of domestic tobogganing. You know how it is donewith the largest and best tea-tray and the surf ray ban prescription glasses ace of the stair carpet. It is best to do it on the days when the stair rods are being cleaned, and the carpet is only held by the nails at the top. Of cour ray ban prescription glasses se, it is one of the five or six thoroughly tip-top games that grownup people are so unjust toand old Nurse, though a brick in many respects, was quite enough of a standard grown-up to put her foot down on the tobogganing long before any of the performers had had half enough of it. The tea-tray was taken away, and the baffled party entered the sitting-room, in exactly the mood not to be pleased if they could help it. So Cyril said, What a beastly mess! And Robert added, Do shut up, Jane! Even Anthea, who was almost always kind,

and saw the herd of bulls being driven out of the Temple by whips, and the ten Kings following, one of them spurring with his stick a black bull that writhed and fought in the grip of a lasso, she answered the boys agitated, Now we shant see ray ban prescription glasses anything more, with Yes we can, theres an outside balcony. So they crowded out. But ve ray ban prescription glasses ry soon the girls crept back. I dont like sacrifices, Jane said. So she and Anthea went and talked to the priest, who was no longer lying on his face, but sitting on the top step mopping his forehead with his robe, for it was a hot day. Its a special sacrifice, he said; usually its only done on the justice days every five years and six years alternately. And then they drink the cup of wine with some of the bulls blood in it, and swear to judge truly. And they wear the