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did not exactly worry about the soun ray ban on sale ds until I heard them approach my own door and suddenly halt. Then your warning, Mr. Vance, swept over me with full force, and I felt that some terrible unknown danger was lurking on the threshold. I was, I admit, temporarily paralyzed with fright: I could feel the roots of my hair tingle, and my body broke out in cold perspiration. He took a deep breath, as if to rid himself of a haunting memory. Just then the door began to open slowl ray ban on sale y and softly. The light in the hall had been turned out and the room here was in almost pitch darkness, so I was unable to see anything. But I could hear the gentle swish of the door as it swung open, and I could feel the mild current of air that came in from the hall… . A tremor ran over his body, and his eyes glowed

a couple of days. When it was discovered to-morrow that he was missing Bliss would probably have found the body for us, along with the letter. H ray ban on sale e looked questioningly at Markham. How are we going to connect Bliss with the crime, since Salveter was in the house at the time of the attack? If Scarlett should get well If! … Just so. But suppose he shouldntand the chances are against him. Then what? Scarlett at most could only testify that Bliss had made an abortive and unsuccessful attack on him. True, you might convict him for felonious assault, but it would leave Kyles murder still unsolved. And if Bliss said that Scarlett attacked him and that he struck Sca ray ban on sale rlett in self-defense, youd have a difficult time convicting him even for assault. Markham rose and walked up and down the room. Then

question ray ban on sale had accidentally become entangledor perhaps been strained by the sudden uplifting of the arm of the wearer. In any case the little innocent-looking fragment had snapped, and dropped at the ray ban on sale bedside of the murdered man. The grave suspicions of Ethelwynn which I had held on the previous night when she endeavoured to justify her sisters neglect again crowded upon me, and Sir Bernards hint at the secret of her past thrust the iron deeply into my heart. My eyes were fixed upon the little object in my palmthe silent but damning evidenceand my mind became filled by bitterest regrets. I saw how cleverly I had been dupedI recognised that this woman, whom I thought an angel, was only a cunning assassin. No, believe me: I was not prejudging her! The thought had already occurred to me that she

long and careful inquiry. But in the months that have gone by surely the police should have at least made some discovery? she said, in a voice of complaint; yet they have not the sli ray ban on sale ghtest clue. We can only wait, I said. Personally, I have confidence in Jevons. If there is a clue to be obtained, depend upon it he will ray ban on sale scent it out. I did not tell them of my misgivings, nor did I explain how Ambler, having found himself utterly baffled, had told me of his intention to relinquish further effort. The flying trip abroad might be in connection with the case, but I felt confident that it was not. He knew, as well as I did, that the truth was to be found in England. Again we spoke of Ethelwynn; and from Marys references to her sister I gathered that a slight coolness had fallen between them. She

them, the sisters were certainly dev ray ban on sale oted to each other. The scene in that room was an unhappy one, for although Ethelwynn betrayed nothing by her lips, I saw by her manner that she was full of remorse over the might-have-beens, and that she was bitterly reproaching herself for some fact of which I had no knowledge. Of the past we had not spoken. She had been too full of grief, too utterly overcome by the tragedy of the situation. Her mournful figure struck a sympathetic chord ray ban on sale in my heart. Perhaps I had misjudged her; perhaps I had attributed to her sinister motives that were non-existent. Alas! wherever mystery exists, little charity enters mans heart. Jealousy dries up the milk of human kindness. Dearest, I said, rising and taking her slim white hand that lay idly in her lap, in this hour

public spared what would ray ban on sale have been one of the most sensational trials of modern times. The papers on Monday reported with deepest regret the sudden death from heart disease o ray ban on sale f Sir Bernard Eyton, whom they termed one of the greatest and most skilful physicians of modern times. Just two years have passed since that memorable evening. You, my reader, are probably curious to know whether I have succeeded in obtaining the quiet country practice that was my ideal. Well, yes, I have. And what is more, I have obtained in Ethelwynn a wife who is devoted to me and beloved by all the countrysidea wife who is the very perfection of all that is noble and good in woman. The Courtenay estate is ours; but I am not an idle man. Somehow I cannot be. My practice? Where is it? Well, it is in Leicestershire. I

moment the shouting and the crackling arose on ray ban on sale the opposite side of the village and the crowd hastened to defen ray ban on sale d that point, and so the fight swayed to and fro across the village, for the besieged had not the sense to divide their forces as their enemies had done. Cyril noticed that every now and then certain of the fighting-men would enter the maze, and come out with brighter faces, a braver aspect, and a more upright carriage. I believe they go and touch the Amulet, he said. You know the Psammead said it could make people brave. They crept through the maze, and watching they saw that Cyril was right. A headman was standing in front of the skin curtain, and as the warriors came before him he murmured a word they could not hear, and touched their foreheads with something that they could

presume? Not at all, said Anthea; hes a very great man. A sage, dont they call it? And we want to see all your beautiful city, and your temples and things, and then we shall go b ray ban on sale ack, and he will tell his friend, and his friend will write a book about it. What, asked the Captain, fingering a rope, is a book? A recordsomething written, or, she added hastily, remembering the Babylonian writing, or engraved. Some sudden impulse of confidence made Jane pluck the Amulet from the neck of her frock. Like this, she said. The Captain looked at it curiously, but, the other three were relieved to notice, without any of that overwhelming interest which the mere name of it had roused ray ban on sale in Egypt and Babylon. The stone is of our country, he said; and that which is engraved on it, it is like our writing, but