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work to be done there. He moved toward the hall, then stopped as if on sudden impulse and, going to the table, slipped the dagger into his pocket. Bliss closed the door after us, and we could hear the key turn in the lock. Markham and Heath and I started down the stairs, Vance bringing up the rear. We had descended but a few steps when a calm, flat vo ray ban aviators ice from the upper hall arrested us. Can I be of any assistance, effendi? The unexpected sound in that dim quiet house startled us, and we instinctively turned. At the head of the stairs leading to the third floor stood the shadowy figure of Hani, his flowing kaftan a dark mass against the palely lighted wall beyond. Oh, rather! Vance ray ban aviators answered cheerfully. We were just repairin to the drawing-room to hold a little conversational séance. Do

of propriety. Being an aesthete without responsibilities is no doubt delightful, but the worlds work must go on… . Oh, by all means. Vance seemed wholly indifferent to the others outburst. I say, you might draw up a new law altering the existing rules of evidence, and present it to the legislature. The only difficulty would be that, by the time those intellectual Sandows got through debating and appointing committees, you and I and the Sergeant and Bliss would have passed forever down the dim corridors ray ban aviators of time. Markham slowly turned toward Vance. His eyes were mere slits. Whats behind this childish garrulity? he demanded. Youve got something on your mind. Vance seated himself on the edge of the table and, putting out his cigarette, thrust his hands deep into his pockets. M ray ban aviators arkham, he said,

the afternoon, before the light faded, and if the circumstances of the crime were mysterious, the means by which the unfortunate man was murdered were, we found, doubly so. Outwardly, the wound was an ordinary one, one inch in breadth, inflicted by a blow delivered from left to right. The weapon had entered between the fourt ray ban aviators h and fifth ribs, and the heart had been completely transfixed by some sharp cutting instrument. The injuries we discovered within, however, increased the mystery ten-fold, for we found two extraordinary lateral incisions, which almost completely d ray ban aviators ivided the heart from side to side, the only remaining attachment of the upper portion to the lower being a small portion of the anterior wall of the heart behind the sternum. Such a wound was absolutely beyond explanation.

certainly seemed beyond credence that the man whose fatal and mysterious wound I had myself examined should be there, walking with his wife in lover-like attitude. And yet there was no question that the pair were there. A small bush ray ban aviators separated us, so that they passed arm-inarm within three feet of me. As I have already explained, the moon was so bright that I could see to read; therefore, shining full upon their faces, it was impossible to mistake the features of two persons whom I knew so well. Fortunately the ray ban aviators y had not overheard my involuntary exclamation of astonishment, or, if they had, both evidently believed it to be one of the many distorted sounds of the night. Upon Marys face there was revealed a calm expression of perfect content, different indeed from the tearful countenance of a

as is popularly supposed. Nevertheless I acted wrongly in not telling you the truth from the first. I am alone to blame. So much she said, though with many a pause, and with so keen a self-reproach in her tone th ray ban aviators at I could hardly bear to hear her, when I interrupted There is mutual blame on both sides. Let us forget it all, and I bent until my lips met hers and we sealed our compact with a long, clinging caress. Yes, dear heart. Let us forget it, she whispered. We have both sufferedboth of us, and I felt her arms tighten about my neck. Oh, how you must have hated me! No, I declared. I never hated you. I was mystified and suspicious, because I felt assured that you knew the tru ray ban aviators th regarding the tragedy at Kew, and remained silent. She looked into my eyes, as though she would read my soul.

wasbut I must say no more The reason that nothing more could be said was that I had not then been able to find out exactly when and where the children met the Psammead again. Of course I knew they would meet it, because it was a beast of its word, and when it said a thing would happen, that thing happened without fail. How different from the people who tell us about what weather it is going to be on Thursday next, in London, the South Coast, and Channel! The summer holidays during which the Psammead had been found and the wishes given had been wonderful holidays in the country, and the children had the highest hopes of just such another holi ray ban aviators ray ban aviators day for the next summer. The winter holidays were beguiled by the wonderful happenings of The Phoenix and the Carpet, and the loss of these two

the Psammead put its head out of its basket and said Whats the matter? Dont you understand? You come back through the charm-arch at the same time as you go through it. This isnt tomorrow! Is it still yesterday? asked Jane. No, its today. The same as ray ban aviators its always been. It wouldnt do to go mixing up the present and the Past, and cutting bits out of one to fit into the other. Then all that adventure took no t ray ban aviators ime at all? You can call it that if you like, said the Psammead. It took none of the modern time, anyhow. That evening Anthea carried up a steak for the learned gentlemans dinner. She persuaded Beatrice, the maid-of-all-work, who had given her the bangle with the blue stone, to let her do it. And she stayed and talked to him, by special invitation, while he ate the dinner. She told him the

at least thats what the Captain calls him. We have a different name for him at home. What is his name? asked a white-robed man who stood in the doorway with his arms extended. Ji-jimmy, replied Cyril, and he hesitated as Anthea had done. It really did seem to be taking a great liberty with so learned a gentleman. And we have come to speak with your Kings in the Temple of Poseidondoes that word sound right? he ray ban aviators whispered anxiously. Quite, said the learned gentleman. Its very odd I can understand what you say to them, but not what they say to you. The Queen of Babylon found that too ray ban aviators , said Cyril; its part of the magic. Oh, what a dream! said the learned gentleman. The white-robed priest had been joined by others, and all were bowing low. Enter, he said, enter, Children of the Sun, with your