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sternness. He has lost an hours sleep, but really, y know, thats not a serious catastrophe. And I can assure you that n discount ray ban glasses o further danger will beset him. He looked straight into the womans eyes, and I was conscious that some understanding passed between them in that moment of mutual scrutiny. I d discount ray ban glasses o hope you find the guilty person, she said with slow, tragic emphasis. I can bear the truthnow. You are very courageous, madam, Vance murmured. And in the meantime you can best help us by retiring to your room and waiting there until you hear from us. You can trust me. Oh, I know I can! There was a catch in her voice. Then she bent impulsively, touched her lips to Blisss forehead, and returned to her room. Vances eyes followed her with a curious expression: I could not determine if it was one of

good. Markham, who was standing beside Vance, lifted his head. Sit down, Sergeant, he ordered. We cant arrest a man on theory. He walked to the fireplace and back. This thing has to be thought out. Theres no discount ray ban glasses evidence against Bliss. We couldnt hold him an hour if a clever lawyer got busy on the case. And Bliss knows it, said Vance. But he killed Kyle! Heath expostulated. Granted. Markham sat down beside the table and rested his chin in his hands. But Ive nothing tangible to present to a grand jury. And, as Mr. Vance says, even if Scarlett should recover Id have only an assault charge against Bliss. What wallops me, sir, moaned Heath, is how a guy can commit murder almost before our very eyes, and discount ray ban glasses get away with it. It aint reasonable. Ah, but theres little thats reasonable in this fantastic

Representatives, not only of the metropolitan press, but those of the local newspapers, the Richmond and Twickenham Times, the Independent, over at Brent-ford, the Middlesex Chronicle at Houn discount ray ban glasses slow, and the Middlesex Mercury, of Isleworth, all vied with each other in obtaining the most accurate information. Say nothing, Je discount ray ban glasses vons urged. Be civil, but keep your mouth closed tight. There are one or two friends of mine among the crowd. Ill see them and give them something that will carry the story further. Remember, you mustnt make any statement whatsoever. I obeyed him, and although the reporters followed me about all the morning, and outside the house the police had difficulty in preventing a crowd assembling, I refused to express any opinion or describe anything I had witnessed. At eleven

go forth and enjoy the splendid night. Such a treat of peace and solitude was seldom afforded me, stifled as I was by the disinfectants in hospital wards and the variety of perfumes and pastilles discount ray ban glasses in the rooms of wealthy patients. Truly the life of a London doctor is the most monotonous and laborious of any of the learned professions, and little wonder is it that when the jaded medico finds himself in the country o discount ray ban glasses r by the sea he seldom fails to take his fill of fresh air. At first a difficulty presented itself in letting myself out unheard; but I recollected that in the new wing of the house, in which I had been placed, there were no other bedrooms, therefore with a little care I might descend undetected. So taking my hat and stick I opened the door, stole noiselessly down the stairs, and

main cause, I said. You concealed the truth from me, and lived in that mans house after he had married Mary. I had a reason for doing so, she exclaimed, in a quiet voice. I did not live there by preference. You were surely not forced to do so. No; I was not forced. It was a duty. Then, after a pause, she cover discount ray ban glasses ed her face with her hands and suddenly burst into tears, cryin discount ray ban glasses g, Ah, Ralph! If you could know allall that I have suffered, you would not think ill of me! Appearances have been against me, that I know quite well. The discovery of that letter must have convinced you that I was a schemer and unworthy, and the fact that I lived beneath the roof of the man who had cast me off added colour to the theory that I had conceived some deep plot. Probably, she went on, speaking between her sobs,

Railway Children. When Nesbit was 17, the family moved again, this time back to London, living variously in South East London at Eltham, Lewisham, Grove Park and Lee. A follower of William Morris, 19-year-old Nesbit met bank clerk Hubert Bland in 1877. Seven months pregna discount ray ban glasses nt, she married Bland on 22 April 1880, though she did not immediately live with him, as Bland initially continued to live with his mother. Their marriage was an open one. Bland also continued an affair with Alice Hoatson which produced two chil discount ray ban glasses dren Rosamund in 1886 and John in 1899, both of whom Nesbit raised as her own. Her own children were Paul Bland 1880-1940, to whom The Railway Children was dedicated; Iris Bland 1881-19??; and Fabian Bland 1885-1900, who died aged 15 after a tonsil operation, and to whom she

getting into its bass-bag and wrapping itself in its waterproof sheet. But we cant see the sun in here, and it isnt rising anyhow, said Jane. How you do waste time! the Psammead said. Why, the Easts where the shrine is, of course. THERE! It pointed to the great stone. And still the shouting and the clash of stone on metal sounded nearer and nearer. The children could hear that the head discount ray ban glasses men had surrounded the hut to protect their treasure as long as might be from the enemy. But none dare to come in after the Psammeads sudden fierce biting of the headman. Now, Jane, said Cyril, very quickly. Ill discount ray ban glasses take the Amulet, you stand ready to hold up the charm, and be sure you dont let it go as you come through. He made a step forward, but at that instant a great crackling overhead ended in a blaze of

different colour, and they had sorts of steeples of burnished silver rising above them. Are all these houses real gold? asked Jane. The temples are covered with gold, of cour discount ray ban glasses se, answered the Captain, but the houses are only oricalchum. Its not quite so expensive. The learned gentleman, now very pale, stumbled along in a dazed wa discount ray ban glasses y, repeating: Oricalchumoricalchum. Dont be frightened, said Anthea; we can get home in a minute, just by holding up the charm. Would you rather go back now? We could easily come some other day without you. Oh, no, no, he pleaded fervently; let the dream go on. Please, please do. The High Ji-jimmy is perhaps weary with his magic journey, said the Captain, noticing the blundering walk of the learned gentleman; and we are yet very far from the Great Temple, where