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about the house. Who else could it have been? I cannot imagine. Hani appeared almost indifferent. You do not think that it could have been Mrs. Bliss? Never! The mans tone had become quickly animated. Meryt-Amen would have had no reason to go into the hall. She has access to her husbands room through a co ray ban prescription sunglasses mmunicating door So I observed a while ago,she joined our pour-parler in the doctors room. And I must say, Hani, that she was most anxious for us to find the person who had made the attempt on her husbands life. Anxiousand sad, effendi. A new note crept into Hanis voice. She does not yet understand the things that have hap ray ban prescription sunglasses pened to-day. But when she does We wont speculate along those lines now, Vance cut in brusquely. He reached in his pocket and drew out the golden dagger. Did you ever see

die Philosophie auch ersch.pft. Es hat noch nie einen tieferen Denker gegeben, der beim Empirismus stehen geblieben ist; und noch nie einen Engl.nder, der über ihn selbstst.ndig hinausgekommen w.re. Sorry to disappoint you, and all that. But theres nothing supernatural about the demise ray ban prescription sunglasses of the doctor. Behold, Markham, the broken ankles of An.bis… . The situation is quite obvious. While the doctor was leaning over his treasure, he jarred the statue in some way, and it toppled over on him. We all bent forward. The heavy base of the statue of An. ray ban prescription sunglasses bis stood where it had been when we first saw it; but the figure, from the ankles up, had broken off. You see, Vance was saying, pointing to the base, the ankles are very slender, and the statue is made of limestonea rather fragile substance. The

drawing for him a rough diagra ray ban prescription sunglasses m on the back of an old envelope, which I tossed over to where he sat. He looked at it for a long time without speaking ray ban prescription sunglasses , then observed: Hm! Just as I thought. The police theory regarding that fellow Short and the knife is all a confounded myth. Depend upon it, Boyd, old chap, that gentleman is no fool. Hes tricked Thorpe finelyand with a motive, too. What motive do you suspect? I inquired, eagerly, for this was an entirely fresh theory. One that youd call absurd if I were to tell it to you now. Ill explain later on, when my suspicions are confirmedas I feel sure they will be before long. Youre mysterious, Ambler, I said, surprised. Why? I have a reason, my dear chap, was all the reply he vouchsafed. Then he puffed again vigorously at his pipe, and filled the

an adept at following persons, but in this case the stake was so greatthe revelation of some startling and unparalleled mysteryt x ray ban prescription sunglasses xxx hat I strained every nerve and every muscle to conceal my presence while pushing forward after them. Picture to yourself for a moment my position. The whole of my future happiness, and consequently my prosperity in life, was at stake at that instant. To clear up the mystery successfully might be to clear my love of the awful stigma upon her. To watch and to listen was the only way; but the difficulties in the dead silence of the night were well-nigh insurmountable, for I dare not approach sufficiently near to catch a single word. I had crept on after them for about a mile, until we were approaching the tumbling waters of the weir. The dull roar swallowed up the

this matter we may be of mutual assistance to each other, I urged, in an effort to persuade her. As far as ray ban prescription sunglasses I can discern, the mystery contains no fewer than seven complete and distinct secrets. To obtain the truth regarding one would probably furnish the key to the whole. Then you think that poor Marys untimely death is closely connected with the tragedy at Kew? she asked. Most certainly. But I do not share your opinion of suicide. What? You suspect foul play? she cried. I nodded in the affirmative. You believe that poor Mary was actually murdered? she exclaimed, anxiously. Have you found marks of violence, then? No, I have found noth ray ban prescription sunglasses ing. My opinion is formed upon a surmise. What surmise? I hesitated whether to tell her all the facts that I had discovered, for I was disappointed and

a very varnished mahogany chiffonier, or sideboard, with a lock that wouldnt act. There were hard chairsfar too many of themwith crochet antimacassars slipping off their seats, all of which sloped the wrong way. The table wore a clot ray ban prescription sunglasses h of a cruel green colour with a yellow chain-stitch pattern round it. Over the fireplace was a looking-glass that made you look much uglier than you really were, however plain you might be to begin with. Then there was a mantelboard with maroon plush and wool fringe that did not match the plus ray ban prescription sunglasses h; a dreary clock like a black marble tombit was silent as the grave too, for it had long since forgotten how to tick. And there were painted glass vases that never had any flowers in, and a painted tambourine that no one ever played, and painted brackets with nothing on

tale tit, its tongue shall be split, And all the dogs in our town shall have a little bit, sang Robert. Its always the way if you have girls in anything. Cyril spoke in a cold displeasure that was worse than Roberts cruel quotation, and even Anthea said, Well, IM not afraid if I AM a girl, which of course, was the most cutting thing of all. Jane picked up her doll and faced the others with what is sometimes called the courage of despair. I dont care, she said; I wont, so there! Its just silly going to places when you dont want to, and when you dont know what theyre going to be like! You can laugh at me as much as you like. Youre beastsand I ha ray ban prescription sunglasses te you all! With these awful words she went out and banged the door. Then the others would not look at e ray ban prescription sunglasses ach other, and they did not feel so brave as

rising ray ban prescription sunglasses higher and higher till suddenly it seemed to break in twoone half of it rushed out to sea again; the other Oh! cried Anthea, the townthe poor people! Its all thousands of years ago, really, said Robert but his voice trembled. They hid their eyes for a moment. They could not bear to look down, for the wave had broken on the face of the town, sweeping over the quays and docks, overwhelming the great storehouses and factories, tearing gigantic stones from forts and bridges, and using them as battering rams against the temples. Great ships were swept over the roofs of the houses and dashed down halfway up the hill among ruined gardens and broken buildings. The water ground brown fishing-boats to powder on the golden roofs of Palaces. Then the wave swept back towards the sea. I want ray ban prescription sunglasses to