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referring jocularly to the declaration of Sakhmet in the Chapter of Openin cheap ray ban sunglasses g the Mouth of Osiris Ani i cheap ray ban sunglasses n the Egyptian Book of the Dead: that the looked-for event had come to pass. So I waited on the upper landing until you came out. Most considerate and thoughtful of you, Vance murmured, and took several puffs on his cigarette. After a moment he asked: If Mr. Salveter had emerged from his room to-night after you had gone to bed, would you have known of the fact? The Egyptian hesitated, and his eyes contracted. I think I would. His room is directly opposite mine Im familiar with the arrangement. It does not seem probable that Mr. Salveter could have unlocked his door and come out without my being cognizant of it. Its possible though, is it not? Vance was insistent. If you were asleep, and Mr.

Dashed queer. He went to the steel door leading to the spiral stairs, and opened it. No doubt the doctor is communin with his treasures. He passed through the door and descended the steps, the rest of us trailing along. Vance drew up at the foot of the stairs and put his hand to his forehead. Well never interview Bliss again in this world, he said in a low voice. There was no need for him to explain. In the corner opposite, in almost the cheap ray ban sunglasses exact place where we had found Kyles body the preceding day, Bliss lay sprawled face downward in a pool of blood. Across the back of his crushed skull stretched the cheap ray ban sunglasses life-sized statue of An.bis. The heavy figure of the underworld god had apparently fallen on him as he leaned over his precious items in the cabinet before which he had murdered Kyle. The

advanced cheap ray ban sunglasses as we had believed. Sir Bernard had a patient to see in Grosvenor Square; therefore he left at about four oclock, regrett cheap ray ban sunglasses ing that he had not time to call round at the neighbours and express his sympathy with the widow. Give her all my sympathies, poor young lady, he said to me. And tell her that I will call upon her to-morrow. Then, after promising to attend the inquest and give evidence regarding the post-mortem, he shook hands with us both and left. At eight oclock that evening I was back in my own rooms in Harley Place, eating my dinner alone, when Ambler Jevons entered. He was not as cheery as usual. He did not exclaim, as was his habit, Well, my boy, how goes it? Whom have you killed to-day? or some such grim pleasantry. On the contrary, he came in with scarcely a word, threw

moonlight, it was difficult to follow them without risk of observation. Now and then the elder-bushes and drooping willows afforded cover beneath their deep shadow, but in places where the river wound through the open water-meadows my presence might at any moment be detected. Therefore the utmost ingenuity and caution were necessary. Having made the staggering discovery, I was determined to thoroughly probe the mystery. The tragedy of old Mr. Court cheap ray ban sunglasses enays death had resolved itself into a romance of the most mysterious cheap ray ban sunglasses and startling character. As I crept forward over the grass, mostly on tiptoe, so as to avoid the sound of my footfalls, I tried to form some theory to account for the bewildering circumstance, but could discern absolutely none. Mary was still wearing her mourning; but about her

than when I had seen him alive four hours before. Well, she asked, is that any circumstance likely to lead to a solution of the mystery? I dont exactly see the point. It may, I answered ambiguously, puzzled at her manner and wondering if she were aware of that most unaccountable feature of the conspiracy. How? she asked. But as she had steadfastly refused to reve cheap ray ban sunglasses al her knowledge to me, or the reason of her residence beneath Courtenays roof, I myself claimed the right to be equally vague. We were still playing at cross-purposes cheap ray ban sunglasses ; therefore I urged her to be frank with me. But she strenuously resisted all my persuasion. No. With poor Mary lying dead I can say nothing. Later, when I have found the clue for which I am searching, I will tell you what I know. Till then, no word shall pass my lips.

dated from the awful day when Cyril had carelessly wished that there were Red Indians in Englandand there had been. The word brought back memories of last summer holidays and everyone groaned; they thought of the white house with the beautiful tangled gardenlate roses, asters, marigold, swee cheap ray ban sunglasses t mignonette, and feathery asparagusof the wilderness which someone had once meant to make into an orchard, but which was now, as Father said, five acres of thistles haunted by the ghosts of baby cherry-trees. They thought of the view across the valley, where the lime-kilns looked like Aladdins palaces in the sunshine, and they tho cheap ray ban sunglasses ught of their own sandpit, with its fringe of yellowy grasses and pale-stringystalked wild flowers, and the little holes in the cliff that were the little sand-martins little

it, anyhow. Oh, if thats all, said Robert. Jane obediently wriggled to the front of her house and sat there cheap ray ban sunglasses . She felt for the charm, to make sure that it was still round her neck. It ISNT all, said Cyril, saying much more than he meant because he thought Roberts tone had been rudeas indeed it had. We ought to go and look for that Amulet. Whats the good of having a first-class charm and keeping it idle, just eating its head off in the stable. IM game for anything, of course, said Robert; but he added, with a fine air of chivalry, only I dont think the girls are keen today somehow. Oh, yes; I am, said Anthea hurriedly. If you t cheap ray ban sunglasses hink Im afraid, Im not. I am though, said Jane heavily; I didnt like it, and I wont go there againnot for anything I wont. We shouldnt go THERE again, silly, said

putting its head out of its bag. Atlantis, said the priest. Then I advise you t cheap ray ban sunglasses o get on to the highest g cheap ray ban sunglasses round you can find. I remember hearing something about a flood here. Look here, youit turned to Anthea; lets get home. The prospects too wet for my whiskers. The girls obediently went to find their brothers, who were leaning on the balcony railings. Wheres the learned gentleman? asked Anthea. There he isbelow, said the priest, who had come with them. Your High Ji-jimmy is with the Kings. The ten Kings were no longer alone. The learned gentlemanno one had noticed how he got therestood with them on the steps of an altar, on which lay the dead body of the black bull. All the rest of the courtyard was thick with people, seemingly of all classes, and all were shouting, The seathe sea! Be calm,