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the outside knob? Heath queried. That cut glass would take em easy. My word, Sergeant! Vance shook his head despairingly. The concocter of this plot knows better than to leave his visitin card wherever he goes… . Bli ray ban cat eye eyeglasses ss sprang to his feet. An idea has just struck me, he exclaimed. There was a gold-andcloisonné sheath to that dagger; and if the sheath should not be in my desk drawer now, perhapsperhaps Yes, yes. Quite. Vance nodded. I see your point. The sheath might still be in the frustrated assassins possession. An excellent ray ban cat eye eyeglasses clew… . Sergeant, would you mind going with Doctor Bliss to the study to ascertain if the sheath was taken with the dagger? No use worryin ourselves about it if its still in the drawer. Heath went promptly to the hall, followed by Bliss. We could hear them

dangerous and despicable criminal, who not only murdered his benefactor in cold blood, but attem ray ban cat eye eyeglasses pted to kill another decent man, and then endeavored to saddle an innocent third man with both crimes so that he could continue digging up ancient and venerated corpses! … No wonder Hani detests him. At heart Bliss is a ghoul; and Hani is an honorable and intelligent man. I admit the law is imperfect, Markham ray ban cat eye eyeglasses interrupted tartly. But your dissertation is hardly helpful. Were confronted with a terrible problem, and a way must be found to handle it. Vance still stood before the table, his eyes fixed on the door. But your law will never solve it, he said. You cant convict Bliss; you dont even dare arrest him. He could make you the laughing-stock of the country if you tried it. And furthermore, hed

genuine l ray ban cat eye eyeglasses ove-look of old. She had arranged her hair and dress, and no longer wore the shawl. Its terribleterrible, Ralph, she cried. Poor Mary! The blow has utterly crushed her. I am to blameit is my own fault! exclaimed the young widow, hoarsely. But I had no idea that his end was so near. I tried to be a dutiful wife, but ohonly Ethelwynn knows ray ban cat eye eyeglasses how hard it was, and how I suffered. His malady made him unbearable, and instead of quarrelling I thought the better plan was to go out and leave him with the nurse. What people have always said, was, alas! too true. Owing to the difference of our ages our marriage was a ghastly failure. And now it has ended in a tragedy. I responded in words as sympathetic as I could find tongue to utter. Her eyes were red with crying, and her pretty face was

complications of the situation. In the final hour I had spent in the drawing-room I had certainly detected in t ray ban cat eye eyeglasses he young widow a slight eccentricity of manner, not at all accentuated, but yet sufficient to show me that she had been strenuously concealing her grief during my presence there. Having swung myself over the stile I passed round the village churchyard, where the moss-grown gravestones stood grim and ghostly in the white light, and out across the meadows down to where the ray ban cat eye eyeglasses waters of the Nene, rippling on, were touched with silver. The river-path was wide, running by the winding bank away to the fen-lands and beyond. As I gained the rivers edge and walked beneath the willows I heard now and then a sharp, swift rustling in the sedges as some water-rat or otter, disturbed by my

formed conclusions, and was heightened by your own peculiar conduct after the tragedy. That my conduct was strange was surely natural. The discovery was quite as appalling to me as to you; and, knowing that somewhere among the dead mans papers my letters were preserved, I dreaded lest they should fall into the hands of the police and thereby connect me with the crime. It was fear that my final letter should be discovered that gave my actions the appearance of guilt. I took both her hands in mine, and fixing my gaze straight into those de ray ban cat eye eyeglasses ar eyes wherein the love-look shonethat look by which a man is able to read a womans heartI asked her a ques ray ban cat eye eyeglasses tion. Ethelwynn, I said, calmly and seriously, we love each other. I know Ive been suspicious without cause and cruel in my neglect; nevertheless the

917, some three years after Bland died, Nesbit married Thomas the Skipper Tucker, a ships engineer on the Woolwich Ferry. Towards the end of her life she moved to a house called Crowlink in Friston, East Sussex, and later to St Mar ray ban cat eye eyeglasses ys Bay in Romney Marsh, East ray ban cat eye eyeglasses Kent. Suffering from lung cancer, probably a result of her heavy smoking, she died in 1924 at New Romney, Kent, and was buried in the churchyard of St Mary in the Marsh. Source: Wikipedia 3 TO Dr Wallis Budge of the British Museum as a small token of gratitude for his unfailing kindness and help in the making of it Chapter 1 Chapter 1 THE PSAMMEAD There were once four children who spent their summer holidays in a white house, happily situated between a sandpit and a chalkpit. One day they had the good fortune to find in the sandpit a

with trembling hands held up the charm towards the East, and Cyril spoke the word of power. The Amulet grew to a great arch. Out beyond it was the glaring Egyptian sky, the broken wa ray ban cat eye eyeglasses ll, the cruel, dark, big-nosed face with the red, wet knife in its gleaming teeth. Within the arch was the dull, faint, greeny-brown of London grass and trees. Hold tight, Jane! Cyril cried, and he dashed through the arch, dragging Anthea and the Psammead after him. Robert followed, clutching Jane. And in the ears of each, as they passed through the arch of the charm, the sound and fury of battle died out suddenly and utterly, and they heard only the low, dull, discontented hum of vast London, and the peekin ray ban cat eye eyeglasses g and patting of the sparrows on the gravel and the voices of the ragged baby children playing Ring-o-

divided into twenty circles, alternately land and water, and over each of the water circles were the bridges by which they had come. And now they were in a great square. A vast building filled up one side of it; it was overlaid with gold, and had a dome of silver. The rest of the buildings round the square were of oricalchum. And it looked more splendid than you can possibly imagine, standing up bold and shining in the sunlight. You would like a bath, said the Captain, as the hairy elephant went clumsily down on his knees. Its customary, you know, before entering the Presence. We have baths for men, women, horses, and cattle. The High Class Baths are here. Our Father Poseidon gave us a spring of hot water and one of cold. The children had ray ban cat eye eyeglasses never before bathe ray ban cat eye eyeglasses d in baths of gold. It feels very