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conceded. However, the dagger episode doesnt worry me half as much as something that didnt happen to-night. Well, it looks to me ray ban replica sunglasses like plenty happened, retorted Heath. Markham regarded Vance inquisitively. Whats in your mind? he asked. The picture presented to us to-night, d ye see, wasnt finished. I could still detect some of the underpainting. And there was no vernissage. The canvas needed another formthe generating line wasnt complete… . Just then we could h ray ban replica sunglasses ear footsteps on the stairs. Salveter, with a wrinkled Shantung dressing-gown wrapped about his pyjamas, blinked as he faced the lights in the drawing-room. He appeared only half awake, but when his pupils had become adjusted to the glare, he ran his eyes sharply over the four of us and then shot a glance at the bronze clock on the

coincidenc ray ban replica sunglasses e. Vance seemed disinclined to discuss the matter. And that Egyptian, Markham rumbled on. He wasnt in the least astonished when you informed him of Blisss death. He acted almost as if he expected some such news He suddenly drew up short. Vance and I stopped, too, and looked at him. His eyes were blazing. Hani killed Bliss! Vance sighed and shrugged. Of course he did, Markham. My word! I thought you understood the situation. Understood? Markham was spluttering. What do you mean? It was all so obviou ray ban replica sunglasses s, dont y know, Vance said mildly. I realized, just as you did, that there was no chance of convicting Bliss; so I suggested to Hani how he could terminate the whole silly affair You suggested to Hani? During our conversation in the drawing-room. Really, Markham old dear, Im not in the

was deadthat he had been stabbed to the heart. Again the coroner bent to his writing. What, I wondered, would those present t ray ban replica sunglasses hink if I produced the little piece of stained chenille which I kept wrapped in tissue paper and hidden in my fusee-box? To them it, of course, seemed quite natural that a delicate woman should hesitate to view a murdered man. But if they knew of my discovery they would detect that she was an admirable actressthat her horror of the de ray ban replica sunglasses ad was feigned, and that she was not telling the truth. I, who knew her countenance so well, saw even through her veil how agitated she was, and with what desperate resolve she was concealing the awful anxiety consuming her. One witness has told us that the deceased was very much afraid of burglars, observed the coroner. Had he ever

peculiarity of his countenance. Having passed through the gate, he took her ungloved hand with an air of old-fashioned gallantry and raised it to his lips. She laughed merrily in rapturou ray ban replica sunglasses s content, and then slowly, very slowly, they strolled along the path that ran within a few feet of where I stood. My heart leapt with excitement. Their voices sounded above the rushing of the waters, and they were lingering as though unwilling to walk further. Eth ray ban replica sunglasses elwynn has told me, he was saying. I cant make out the reason of his coldness towards her. Poor girl! she seems utterly heart-broken. He suspects, his wife replied. But what ground has he for suspicion? I stood there transfixed. They were talking of myself! They had halted quite close to where I was, and in that low roar had raised their voices

es no harm doneproviding youve made some discovery regarding the seve ray ban replica sunglasses n secrets that compose the mystery, I said. Seven secrets! he repeated thoughtfully, and then was silent a few moments, as though counting to himself the various points that required elucidation. Yes, he said at last, youre right, Ralph, there are seven of themsev ray ban replica sunglasses en of the most extraordinary secrets that have ever been presented to mortal being as part of one and the same mystery. He did not, of course, enumerate them in his mind, as I had done, for he was not aware of all the facts. The Seven Secrets, as they presented themselves to me, were: First, the identity of the secret assassin of Henry Courtenay; second, the manner in which that extraordinary wound had been caused; thirdly, the secret of Ethelwynn, held by Sir

stopping to look at ray ban replica sunglasses . The children stopped to look at several with gold-lace and beads and pictures and jewellery and dresses, and hats, and oysters and lobsters in their windows, and their sorrow did not seem nearly so impossible to bear as it had done in the best parlour at No. 300, Fitzroy Street. Presently, by some wonderful chance turn of Roberts who had been voted Captain because the girls thought it would be good for hi ray ban replica sunglasses m and indeed he thought so himselfand of course Cyril couldnt vote against him because it would have looked like a mean jealousy, they came into the little interesting criss-crossy streets that held the most interesting shops of allthe shops where live things were sold. There was one shop window entirely filled with cages, and all sorts of beautiful birds in them. The

with a sigh. Cant you? asked Jane. Babylon has fallen, he answered with a sigh. You know it was once a great and beautiful city, and the centre of learning and Art, and now it is only ruins, and so covered up with earth that people are not even agreed as to where it once stood. He was leaning on the banisters, and his eyes had a far-away look in them, as though he could see through the staircase window the splendour and glory of ancient Babylon. I say, Cyril remarked abruptly. You know that charm we showed you, and you told us how to say the name thats on it? Yes! Well, do you think that charm was ever in Babylon? Its quite possible, the learned gentleman rep ray ban replica sunglasses lied. Such charms have been found in very early Egyptian tombs, yet their origin has not been accurately determined as ray ban replica sunglasses Egyptian. They

asked me, said the Psammead very sulkily. Im not the sort of cha ray ban replica sunglasses p to go shoving my oar in whe ray ban replica sunglasses re its not wanted. Mr Ji-jimmys friend will have something worth having to put in his article now, said Cyril very much later indeed. Not he, said Robert sleepily. The learned Ji-jimmy will think its a dream, and its ten to one he never tells the other chap a word about it at all. Robert was quite right on both points. The learned gentleman did. And he never did. Chapter 10 Chapter 10 THE LITTLE BLACK GIRL AND JULIUS CAESAR A great city swept away by the sea, a beautiful country devastated by an active volcanothese are not the sort of things you see every day of the week. And when you do see them, no matter how many other wonders you may have seen in your time, such sights are rather apt to take