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descending to the first floor. What do you make of this, Vance? Markham asked, when we were alone. It looks pretty serious to me. I make a great deal of it, Vance returned sombrely. And it is pretty serious. But, thank Heaven, the coup was not very brilliant. The whole thing was frightfully botched. Yes, I can see that, Markham agreed. Imagine any one hurling a knife six feet or more when he could have dealt a single thrust in a vital spot. Oh, that? Vance lifted his eyebrows. I wasnt thinking of the technic of the knife-thrower. There were other point ray ban sunglasses s about the affair still less intellige ray ban sunglasses nt. I cant understand it altogether. Perhaps too much panic. Anyway we may get a definite key to the plot through the doctors suggestion about the sheath. Bliss and Heath were heard returning up the

become a sort of persecuted hero who had been hounded by an incompetent and befuddled police, who had unjustly pounced on him in a moment of groggy desperation in order to save their more or less classic features. Vance took a deep draw on his cigarette. Markham old dear, Im incli ray ban sunglasses ned to think the gods of ancient Egypt were more intelligent than Solon, Justinian, and all the other law-givers combined. Hani was spoofin ray ban sunglasses g about the vengeance of Sakhmet; but, after all, that solar-disked lady would be just as effective as your silly statutes. Mythological ideas are largely nonsense; but are they more nonsensical than the absurdities of present-day law? … For Gods sake, be still. Markham was irritable. Vance looked at him in troubled concern. Your hands are tied by the technicalities of a

swollen and ugly. I knew that she now felt a genuine regret at the loss of her husband, even ray ban sunglasses though her life had been so dull and unhappy. While she sat in a big armchair bowed in silence, I turned to Ethelwynn and discussed the situation with her. Their friends were most kind, she said. The husband was churchwarden at Kew Church, and his wife was an ardent church worker, hence they had long ago become excellent friends. You have your friend, Mr. Jevons, with you, I hear. Nurse has just returned and ray ban sunglasses told me so. Yes, I responded. He is making an independent inquiry. And what has he found? she inquired breathlessly. Nothing. Then, as I watched her closely, I saw that she breathed again more freely. By the manner in which she uttered Amblers name I detected that she was not at all well-

presence, slipped away into hiding. The rural peace of that br ray ban sunglasses illiant night attracted me, and finding a hurdle I seated myself upon it, and taking out my pipe enjoyed a smoke. Ever since my student days I had longed ray ban sunglasses for a country life. The pleasures of the world of London had no attraction for me, my ideal being a snug country practice with Ethelwynn as my wife. But alas! my idol had been shattered, like that of many a better man. With this bitter reflection still in my mind, my attention was attracted by low voicesas though of two persons speaking earnestly together. Surprised at such interruption, I glanced quickly around, but saw no one. Again I listened, when, of a sudden, footsteps sounded, coming down the path I had already traversed. Beneath the deep shadow I saw the dark figures of

separation has quickened my affection, and has shown that to me life without you is impossible. You, darling, are the only woman who has entered my life. I have championed ray ban sunglasses no woman save yourself; by no ties have I been bound to any woman in this world. This I would have you believe, for it is the truth. I could not lie to you if I would; it is the truthGod is my witness. She made me no answer. Her hands trembled, and she bowed her head so that I could not see her face. Will you not forgive, dearest? I urged. The great longing to speak out my mind had overcome me, and having eased myself of my burden I stood awaiting her response. Will you not be mine again, as in the old days before this chain of tragedy fell upon your house? Again she hesitated for several minutes ray ban sunglasses . Then, of a sudden, she

strange creature. Its eyes were on long horns like snails eyes, and it could move them in and out like telescopes. It had ears like a bat ray ban sunglasses s ears, and its tubby body was shaped like a spiders and covered with thick soft furand it had hands and feet like a monkeys. It told the childrenwhose names were Cyril, Robert, Anthea, and Janethat it was a Psammead or sand-fairy. Psammead is pronounced Sammy-ad. It was old, old, old, and its birthday was almost at the very beg ray ban sunglasses inning of everything. And it had been buried in the sand for thousands of years. But it still kept its fairylikeness, and part of this fairylikeness was its power to give people whatever they wished for. You know fairies have always been able to do this. Cyril, Robert, Anthea, and Jane now found their wishes come true; but, somehow,

Roses on the yellow trampled grass. And the charm was a little charm again in Janes hand, and there was the basket with their dinner and the bathbuns lying just where they had left it. My hat! said Cyril, drawing a long breath; that was something like an adventure. It was rather like one, certainly, said the Psammead. They all lay still, breathing in the safe, quiet air of Regents Park. Wed better go hom ray ban sunglasses e at once, said Anthea presently. Old Nurse will be most frightfully anxious. The sun looks about the same as it did when we started yesterday. Weve been away twenty-four hours. The b ray ban sunglasses uns are quite soft still, said Cyril, feeling one; I suppose the dew kept them fresh. They were not hungry, curiously enough. They picked up the dinner-basket and the Psammead-basket, and went straight home.

splendid, said Cyril, splashing. At least, of course, its not gold; its orwhats its name, said Robert. Hand over that towel. The bathing hall had several great pools sunk below the level of the floor; one went down to them by steps. Jimmy, said Anthe ray ban sunglasses a timidly, when, very clean and boiled-looking, they all met in the flowery courtyard of the Public, dont you think all this seems much more like NOW than Babylon or Egypt? Oh, I forgot, youve never been there. I know a little of those nations, however, said ray ban sunglasses he, and I quite agree with you. A most discerning remarkmy dear, he added awkwardly; this city certainly seems to indicate a far higher level of civilization than the Egyptian or Babylonish, and Follow me, said the Captain. Now, boys, get out of the way. He pushed through a little crowd of