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noise at the head of the bed, for the first thing I saw was the dagger. And I knew that I had been the object of a murderous attack. Vance nodded and, picking up the dagger, weighed it on the palm ray ban sales of his hand. Yes, he mused; its blade-heavy ray ban sales and could easily have been thrown accurately even by an amateur… . A peculiar form of assassination, though, he went on, almost to himself. Much simpler and surer for the wielder to have sneaked to the bed and thrust it into his intended victims ribs… . Most peculiar! Unless, of course He stopped and glanced thoughtfully at the bed. Presently he shrugged his shoulders, and looked at Bliss. After discovering the dagger, I opine, you telephoned to me. Within five minutes. I listened at the door a while and then went down to the study and called your

Bliss. Oh, dont give him too much credit. Vance lighted the cigarette he had been holding for the past five minutes. He frightfully overdid the clews: he made them too glaring. Therein lay his weakness. Still, said Markham, if you hadnt come into the case Id have brought a murder charge against him. And you would have played into his hands. Because I didnt want you to, I ray ban sales appeared to argue against his g ray ban sales uilt. A palimpsest! Markham commented after a pause. Vance took a deep draw on his cigarette. Exactly. Palimpsestosagain rub smooth. First came the true story of the crime, carefully indicated. Then it was erased, and the story of the murder, with Salveter as the villain, was written over it. This too, was erased, and the original storyin grotesque outline and filled with inconsistencies and

herself horrified, and dared not to enter the death chamber. In the light of my discovery all these facts as related to me made the truth only too apparent. She had entered there unknown to anyone, and that her presence had been with a fell purpose I could no lon ray ban sales ger doubt. If I gave the clue into Ambler Jevons hands he would, I knew, quickly follow it, gathering up the threads of the tangled skein one by one, until he could openly charge her with the crime. I stood undecided how to act. Should I leave my friend to make his own investigations independently and unbiassed, or should I frankly tell him of my own startling discovery? I carefully went through the whole of the circumstances, weighing point after point, and decided at last to still retain the k ray ban sales nowledge I had gained. The point

were a truly sad and sympathetic pair. As we spoke I watched her eyes, noted her every movement attentively, but failed utte ray ban sales rly to discern any suggestion of what her mother had remarked. Once, at mention of her dead husband, she had of a sudden exclaimed in a low voice, full of genuine emotion: Ah, yes. He was so kind, so good always. I cannot believe that he will never come back, and she burst into tears, which her mother, with a word of apology to me, quietly soothed away. When we arose I accompanied them to the drawing-room; but without any music, and with Marys sad, half-tragic countenance before us, the evening was by no means a merry one; therefore I was glad when, in pursuance of the country habit of retiring early, the maid brought my candle and showed ray ban sales me to my room. It was not yet

your forgiveness, and bending to her in deep earnestness, I pressed the small hand that was within my grasp. But if you ray ban sales loved me, as you declare you have always done, why did you desert me in that manner? she inquired, her large dark eyes turned serio ray ban sales usly to mine. I hesitated. Should I tell her the truth openly and honestly? Because of a fact which came to my knowledge, I answered, after a long pause. What fact? she asked with some anxiety. I made a discovery, I said ambiguously. Regarding me? Yes, regarding yourself, I replied, with my eyes fixed full upon hers. I saw that she started at my words, her countenance fell, and she caught her breath quickly. Well, tell me what it is, she asked in a hard tone, a tone which showed me that she had steeled herself for the worst. Forgive me if I

and perseverance had brought me; whereupon, turning to me with a slight, reflective smile, he replied: Ah, yes! Ralph, old fellow. I gave up that problem in despair fully a dozen times, and it was only because I knew that the future happiness of you both depended upon its satisfactory solu ray ban sales tion that I began afresh and strove on, determined not to be beaten. I watched carefully, not only Eyton, but Ethelwynn and yourself. I was often near you when you least suspected my presence. But that crafty old scoundrel was possessed of the ingenuity of Satan himself, comb ray ban sales ined with all the shrewd qualities that go to make a good detective; hence in every movement, every wile, and every action he was careful to cover himself, so that he could establish an alibi on every point. For that reason the work

again, Oh, Psammead, Psammead! Well? said a brisk voice, and the curtain of skins was lifted at one corner by a furry hand, and out peeped the bats ears and snails eyes of the Psammea ray ban sales d. Anthea caught it in her arms and a sigh of desperate relief was breathed by each of ray ban sales the four. Oh! which IS the East! Anthea said, and she spoke hurriedly, for the noise of wild fighting drew nearer and nearer. Dont choke me, said the Psammead, come inside. The inside of the hut was pitch dark. Ive got a match, said Cyril, and struck it. The floor of the hut was of soft, loose sand. Ive been asleep here, said the Psammead; most comfortable its been, the best sand Ive had for a month. Its all right. Everythings all right. I knew your only chance would be while the fight was going on. That man wont come back.

Captain stepped on to the quay, and the others followed him. Do talk to himJimmy, said Anthea as they went; you can find out all sorts of things for your friends book. Please excuse me, he said earnestly. If I talk I shall wake up; and besides, I cant understand what he says. No one else could think of anything to say, so that it was in complete silence that they followed the Captain up the marble steps and through the streets of the town. There were streets and shops and houses ray ban sales and ray ban sales markets. Its just like Babylon, whispered Jane, only everythings perfectly different. Its a great comfort the ten Kings have been properly brought upto be kind to strangers, Anthea whispered to Cyril. Yes, he said, no deepest dungeons here. There were no horses or chariots in the street, but there were