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unnaturally. I would have called out, but my throat seemed constricted, and I did not want to imperil Mrs. Bliss, who might have answer ray ban aviators outlet ed my call and run unwittingly into something dangerous and deadly… . And then the blinding ray of a flash-light was thrown directly into my eyes, and I instinctively lurched to the far side of the bed. At that ray ban aviators outlet moment I heard a swift, brushing sound followed by a dull wooden detonation near my head. And immediately I became conscious of footsteps retreating In which direction? Vance again interrupted. Im not surethey were very faint. I was aware only of their stealthy retreat… . What did you do after that, doctor? I waited several minutes. Then I cautiously closed the door and switched on the lights. It was at that moment I realized what had made the

Heath asked a question. How does this Ali Baba fit into the picture, Mr. Vance? Hani knew from the first what had happened; and he was shrewd enough to see the plot that Bliss had built up about Salveter. He loved Salveter and Meryt-Amen, and he wanted them to be happy. What could he do except lend his every energy to protecting them? ray ban aviators outlet And he has certainly done this, Sergeant. Egyptians are not like Occidentals. It was against his nature to come out frankly and tell us what he suspected. Hani played a clever gamethe only game he could have played. He never believed in the vengeance of Sakhm ray ban aviators outlet et. He used his superstitious logomachy to cover up the truth. He fought with words for Salveters safety. Markham halted in front of Vance. The thing is incredible! I have never known a murderer like

might have entered the room wearing that shawl perhaps to wish the invalid good-night. She had, however, in answer to my question, declared that she had retired to bed without seeing himfor Nurse Kate had told her that he was sleeping. She had therefore not disturbed him. Then, yet another thought had ray ban aviators outlet occurred to me. She might have worn the shawl when she entered after the raising of the alarm. In order to clear up that point I had questioned the servants, one by one, and all had told me the same story, namely, that Miss Ethelwynn had not entered the room at all. She had only come to the door and glanced in, then turned away in horror and shut herself in her o ray ban aviators outlet wn room. As far as anyone knew, she had not summoned sufficient courage to go in and look upon the dead mans face. She declared

did not, somehow, speak of her in the same terms of affection as formerly. It might be that she shared her mothers prejudices, and did not approve of her taking up her abode with the Hennikers. Be it how it might, there were palpable signs of strained relations. ray ban aviators outlet Could it be possible, I wondered, that Mary had learnt of her sisters secret engagement to her husband? I looked full at her as that thought flashed through my mind. Yes, she presented a picture of sweet and interesting widowhood. In her voice, as in her countenance, was just that slight touch of grief which told me plainly that she was a heart-broken, remorseful womana woman, like many another, who knew not the value of a tender, honest and indulgent husband until he had been snatched from her. Mother and daughter ray ban aviators outlet , both widows,

of your distress you have at least one person who would console and comfort youone man who loves you. She raised her eyes to mine quickly, with a strange, eager look. Her glance was as though she did not fully realize the purport of my words. I knew myself to be a sad blunderer in the art of love, and wondered if my words were too blunt and abrupt. Ah ray ban aviators outlet ! she sighed. If only I believed that thos ray ban aviators outlet e words came direct from your heart, Ralph! They do, I assured her. You received my letter at Herefordyou read what I wrote to you? Yes, she answered. I read it. But how can I believe in you further, after your unaccountable treatment? You forsook me without giving any reason. You cant deny that. I dont seek to deny it, I said. On the contrary, I accept all the blame that may attach to me. I only ask

dare not be more explicit, for Ethelwynn has urged me to conceal our identity, in order that we may not ray ban aviators outlet be remarked as a couple whose wooing was so strangely tragic and romantic. Ambler Jevons still carries on his tea-blending business in the City, the most confirmed o ray ban aviators outlet f bachelors, and the shrewdest of all criminal investigators. Even though we have been so intimate for years, and he often visits me at I was nearly, by a slip, writing the name of the Leicester-shire villagehe has never explained to me his methods, and seldom, if ever, speaks of those wonderful successes by which Scotland Yard is so frequently glad to profit. Only a few days ago, while we were sitting on the lawn behind my quaint old-fashioned house awaiting dinner, I chanced to remark upon the happiness which his ingenuity

not see. And this something he held in his hands. And through his fingers they saw the gleam of a red stone that they knew. The fight raged across the thorn-hedge outside. Suddenly there was a loud and bitter cry. Theyre in! Theyre in! The he ray ban aviators outlet dge is down! The headman disappeared behind the deer-skin curtain. Hes gone to hide it, said Anthea. Oh, Psammead dear, how could you lea ray ban aviators outlet ve us! Suddenly there was a shriek from inside the hut, and the headman staggered out white with fear and fled out through the maze. The children were as white as he. Oh! What is it? What is it? moaned Anthea. Oh, Psammead, how could you! How could you! And the sound of the fight sank breathlessly, and swelled fiercely all around. It was like the rising and falling of the waves of the sea. Anthea shuddered and said

I cannot read it. What is the name of your sage? Ji-jimmy, said Anthea hesitatingly. The Captain repeated, Ji-jimmy. Will you land? he added. And shall I lead you to the Kings? Look ray ban aviators outlet here, said Robert, does your King hate strangers? Our Kings are ten, said the Captain, and the Royal line, unbroken from Poseidon, the father of us all, has the noble tradition to do honour to strangers if they come in peace. Then lead on, please, said Robert, though I SHOULD like to see all over your beautiful ship, and sail about in her. That shall be later, said the Captain; just now were afraid of a stormdo you notice that odd rumbling? Thats nothing, master, said an old sai ray ban aviators outlet lor who stood near; its the pilchards coming in, thats all. Too loud, said the Captain. There was a rather anxious pause; then the