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dialand then became unaccountably restless. I got to thinking about poor Kyle, and all inclination to sleep left me. However, I was dog-tired physically, and lay quite still… . About a quarter past twelvethe house was very quiet, you understandI thought I could hear footsteps on the stairs Which stairs, doctor? I couldnt determine. The footsteps might have been coming down from the third floor, or they might have been ascending from the first floor. They were very quiet, and if I had not been wide awake and keyed up I wouldnt have noticed them. As it was, I couldnt be sure, though at one time I imagined I heard a sli ray ban rb3364 polarized ght creak as if a board were a little loose under the carpet. And then? I ray ban rb3364 polarized lay speculating on who it might be, for I knew the other members of the house had retired early. I

point which really doesnt matter. Salveter might not have been convicted; but Blisss plot would none the less have succeeded. With Kyle dead, Bliss would have had access to one-half of Kyles fortunein his wifes name, to ray ban rb3364 polarized be sureand Meryt-Amen would have repudiated Salveter. Thus Bliss would have won every trick. And even legally Salveter might have been convicted had it not been for Hanis removal of two direct clews from Salveters roomthe opium ray ban rb3364 polarized can and the sheath. Furthermore, there was the letter in Scarletts pocket. But, Vance, how would the letter have been found? Markham asked. If you had not suspected the plot and looked for Scarletts body, it might have remained in the sarcophagus almost indefinitely. No. Vance shook his head. Scarlett was to have remained in the sarcophagus only for

know the opinion of the police. Yes, if guilt were ever written upon a womans face, it was upon hers. Should I show the tiny fragment to my friend? Should I put it into his hands and tell him the bitter truththe truth that I believed my love to be a murderess? Chapter 9 Chapter 9 SHADOWS. The revelation held me ray ban rb3364 polarized utterly dumfounded. Already I had, by ray ban rb3364 polarized placing my hand in contact with the shawl, ascertained its exact texture, and saw that both its tint and its fabric were unquestionably the same as the knotted fragment I held in my hand. Chenille shawls, as every woman knows, must be handled carefully or the lightly-made fringe will come asunder; for the kind of cord of floss silk is generally made upon a single thread, which will break with the slightest strain. By some means the shawl in

takes up a case he goes into ray ban rb3364 polarized it with a greater thoroughness than any detective living. Yes, Mary remarked, I recollect, now, the stories you used to tell us regarding himof his exciting adventuresof his patient tracking of the guilty ones, and of his marvellous in ray ban rb3364 polarized genuity in laying traps to get them to betray themselves. I recollect quite well that evening he came to Richmond Road with you. He was a most interesting man. Let us hope he will be more successful than the police, I said. Yes, Doctor, she remarked, sighing for the first time. I hope he willfor the mystery of it all drives me to distraction. Then placing both hands to her brow, she added, Ah! if we could only discover the truththe real truth! Have patience, I urged. A complicated mystery such as it is cannot be cleared up without

previous day. She had died, and her secret was lost. Chapter 24 Chapter 24 ETHELWYNN IS SILENT. At midnight I was seated in the drawing-room of the Manor. Before me, dressed in plain black which made her beautiful face look even paler than it was, sat my love, bowed, despondent, silent. The household, although still astir, was hushed by the presence of the dead; the long old room itself, usually so bright and pleasant, ray ban rb3364 polarized seemed full of dark shadows, for the lamp, beneath its yellow shade, burned but dimly, and eve ray ban rb3364 polarized rywhere there reigned an air of mourning. Half-demented by grief, my love had arrived in hot haste about ten oclock, and, rushing to poor Marys room, had thrown herself upon her knees beside the poor inanimate clay; for, even though of late differences might have existed between

moment, an awful spectacle, the brand of Cain upon him. A strange gurgling sound escaped him, as though he were trying to articulate, but was unable; then he made wild signs with both his hands, clutched suddenly at the air, and fell forward in a fit. I went to him, loosened ray ban rb3364 polarized his collar, and applied restoratives, but in ten minutes I saw that he was beyond human aid. What I had at first believed to be a fit was a sudden cessation of the functions of the heartcaused by wild excitement and the knowledge that punishment w ray ban rb3364 polarized as upon him. Within fifteen minutes of that final accusation the old man lay back upon the carpet lifeless, struck dead by natural causes at the moment that his crimes had become revealed. Thus were the Seven Secrets explained; and thus were the Central Criminal Court and the

the opposite side, and the crowd rushed to other shelter. Cyril pulled out a javelin that had stuck in the roof of the hut beside him. Its head was of brightly burnished copper. Then the sound of shoutin ray ban rb3364 polarized g arose again and the crackle of dried thorns. The enemy was breaking down the hedge. All the villagers swarmed to the point whence the crackling and the shouting came; they hurled stones over the hedges, and short arrows with flint heads. The children ha ray ban rb3364 polarized d never before seen men with the fighting light in their eyes. It was very strange and terrible, and gave you a queer thick feeling in your throat; it was quite different from the pictures of fights in the illustrated papers at home. It seemed that the shower of stones had driven back the besiegers. The besieged drew breath, but at that

youJimmy, said Anthea with an effort. It seemed such a cheek to be saying Jimmy to a grown-up man. Jimmy, DEAR, she added, with no effort ray ban rb3364 polarized at all. Jimmy smiled and looked pleased. But now the ship was made fast, and the Captain had time to notice other things. He came towards them, and he was dressed in the best of all possible dresses for the seafaring life. What are you doing here? he asked rather fiercely. Do you come to bless or to curse? To bless, of course, said Cyril. Im sorry if it annoys you, but were here by magic. We come from the land of the sun-rising, he wen ray ban rb3364 polarized t on explanatorily. I see, said the Captain; no one had expected that he would. I didnt notice at first, but of course I hope youre a good omen. Its needed. And this, he pointed to the learned gentleman, your slave, I