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dinner, and went to bed. But I couldnt sleep, and got up. Just then Salveter passed my door on his way up-stairs and I asked him to fetch the memorandum book from the study,I thought I might take my mind off the dreadful events of the day One moment, doctor, Vance interposed. Was your door open? Yes. I had opened it when I arose, in order to get a little more air in the room,the atmosphere was stifli ray ban predator 2 polarized ng… . Then I went ray ban predator 2 polarized over a few old notes and entries relating to last winters excavations. But I couldnt keep my mind on them, and finally I closed the door, switched off the lights, and lay down again on the bed. That would have been about what time? Between half past ten and eleven, I should say… . I dozed intermittently till midnightI could see the time by that clock with the luminous

rules are based on chirographic idiosyncrasies. No art expert can tell with surety who drew a ray ban predator 2 polarized pictureand Egyptian writing is mostly pictures. Forged Michelangelo drawings, for instance, are being sold by clever dealers constantly. The only approach in such matters is an aesthetic oneand there is no aesthetics in Egyptian hieroglyphs. Heath made a wry face. Well, if the forged letter couldnt be admitted as evidence, what was the doctors idea? Dont you see, Sergeant, that even if the letter couldnt be absolutely ray ban predator 2 polarized identified with Salveter, it would have made every one believe that Sal-veter was guilty and had escaped a conviction on a legal technicality. Certainly Meryt-Amen would have believed that Salveter wrote the letter; and that was what Bliss wanted. Vance turned to Markham. Its a legal

which I had picked up from the floor at the earlier stages of the inquiry; and advancing to the window I took it from my pocket and looked again at it, utterly confounded. Its appearance presented nothing extraordinary, for it was merely a soft piece of hard-knotted cream-coloured chenille about half-an-inch long. But sight of it lying in the palm of my hand held me spellbound in horror. It told me the awful truth. It was nothing less than a portion of the fringe of the cream shawl which my love had been wearing, and just as chenille fringes will come to pieces, it ray ban predator 2 polarized had become detached and fallen where she had stood at that spot b ray ban predator 2 polarized eside the victims bed. There was a smear of blood upon it. I recollected her strangely nervous manner, her anxiety to ascertain what clue we had discovered and to

asked Mary, suddenly interested. Yes. For what reason? Wellbecause he is one of those for whom a mystery of crime has a fascinating attraction. But he must have some motive in devo ray ban predator 2 polarized ting time and patience to a matter ray ban predator 2 polarized which does not concern him in the least, Mrs. Mivart remarked. Whatever is the motive, I can assure you that it is an entirely disinterested one, I said. But what has he discovered? Tell me, Mary urged. I am quite in ignorance, I said. We are most intimate friends, but when engaged on such investigations he tells me nothing of their result until they are complete. All I know is that so active is he at this moment that I seldom see him. He is often tied to his office in the City, but has, I believe, recently been on a flying visit abroad for two or three days. Abroad! she echoed.

where the unfortunate young lady had fallen into the water. When e ray ban predator 2 polarized ray ban predator 2 polarized xamining the body I had noticed that she was wearing Louis XV. shoes, and also that there was still mud upon the heels. She had always been rather proud of her feet, and surely there is nothing which sets off the shape of a womans foot better than the neat little shoe, with its high instep and heel. We searched on until twilight darkened into night, traversing that path every detail of which had impressed itself so indelibly upon my brain. We passed the stile near which I had stood hidden in the bushes and overheard that remarkable conversation between the dead man and his wife. All the memories of that never-to-be-forgotten night returned to me. Alas! that I had not questioned Mary when she had called upon me on the

The inquiry has been a long and hazardous one, he went on. But from the very first I was determined to get at the bottom of the mystery, cost me what it mightand I have fortunately ray ban predator 2 polarized succeeded. Then, turning again to the cringing wretch, upon whom the terrible denunciation had fallen as a thunderbolt, he added: The forgiveness of man, Sir Bernard Eyton, you will never obtain. It has been ever law ray ban predator 2 polarized that the murderer shall dieand you will be no exception. The effect of those words upon the guilty man was almost electrical. He drew himself up stiffly, his keen, wild eyes starting from his blanched face as he glared at his accuser. His lips moved. No sound, however, came from them. The muscles of his jaws seemed to suddenly become paralysed, for he was unable to close his mouth. He stood for a

oncehorrible threatening shouts and shrieks and howls that sounded, as Cyril said later, like the voices of men thirsting for their enemies blood. It is the voice of the strange men, said the girl, coming to them trembling through the dark. They have attacked the walls, and the thorns have driven them back. My father says they will not try again till daylight. But they are shouting to frighten us. As though we were savages! Dwellers in the swamps! she ray ban predator 2 polarized cried indignantly. All night the terrible noise went on, but when the sun rose, as abruptly as he had set, the sound suddenly ceased. The children had hardly time to be glad of this before a shower of ray ban predator 2 polarized javelins came hurtling over the great thorn-hedge, and everyone sheltered behind the huts. But next moment another shower of weapons came from

houses on the hills among which the city stood, and shaded into marvellous tints of green and blue and purple where they had been touched by the salt sea spray and the fumes of the dyeing and smelting works of the lower town. Broad and magnificent flights of marble stairs led up from the quay to a sort of terrace that seemed to run along for miles, and beyond rose the town built on a hill. The learned gentleman drew a long breath. Wonderful! h ray ban predator 2 polarized e said, wonderful! I say, Mrwhats your name, said Robert. He means, said Anthea, with gen ray ban predator 2 polarized tle politeness, that we never can remember your name. I know its Mr De Something. When I was your age I was called Jimmy, he said timidly. Would you mind? I should feel more at home in a dream like this if I Anything that made me seem more like one of you. Thank