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endeav ray ban polarized review orin to sever your carotid? I dont knowI dont ray ban polarized review know. The mans voice rose pitifully. At this moment the door leading into the front apartment opened, and Mrs. Bliss stood on the threshold, a long flowing robe of oriental pattern draped about her. She was perfectly calm, and her eyes were steady, if a bit brilliant, as they took in the scene before her. Why have you gentlemen returned at this hour? she inquired imperiously. An attempt has been made on your husbands life, madam, Markham answered sombrely; and he telephoned to us An attempt on his life? Impossible! She spoke with over-emphasis, and her face turned perceptibly pale. Then she went to Bliss and put her arms about him in an attitude of affectionate protection. Her eyes were blazing as she lifted them to Vance. What absurdity

been that Salveter didnt know that Scarlett had the letter in his pocket. What I want to know, put in Heath, is how Bliss found out about Salveters original letter. That point is easily explained, Sergeant. Vance drew out his cigarette-case. Salveter undou ray ban polarized review btedly returned to the museum yesterday morning, as he told us, and was working on his letter when Kyle entered. He then put the letter in the table-drawer, and went to the Metropolitan Museum on his errand. Bliss, who was probably watching him through a crack in the study door, saw him put the paper away, and later took it out to see what it was. Being an indiscreet letter to Meryt-Amen, it gave Bliss an idea. He took it to his study and rewrote it, making it directly incriminating; and then tore up the original. When I learne ray ban polarized review d that the

intruder might easily have entered and left. Therefore the suggestion appeared a sound onemore especia ray ban polarized review lly so because the cook had ray ban polarized review most solemnly declared that she had fastened it securely before going up to bed. In that case someone must have crept down and unfastened it after the woman had retired, and done so with the object of assisting the assassin. But Ambler Jevons was not a man to remain idle for a single moment when once he became interested in a mystery. To his keen perception and calm logical reasoning had been due the solution of The Morning-ton Crescent Mystery, which, as all readers of this narrative will remember, for six months utterly perplexed Scotland Yard; while in a dozen other notable cases his discoveries had placed the police on the scent of the guilty person. Somehow

uselessworse than useless! she burst forth angrily; ray ban polarized review they blundered from the very first. Thats entirely my own opinion, dear, her mother said. Our police system nowadays is a mere farce. The foreigners are far ahead of us, even in the detection of crime. Surely the mystery of your poor husbands death might have been solved, if they had worked assiduously. I believe that everything that could be done has been done, I remarked. The case was placed in the hands of two of the smartest and most experienced men at Scotland Yard, with personal instructions from the Superintendent of the Criminal Investigation Dep ray ban polarized review artment to leave no stone unturned in order to arrive at a successful issue. And what has been done? asked the young widow, in a tone of discontent; why, absolutely nothing! There has, I

affection had always existed between us; but, as I took her inert hand and uttered words of comfort, she only shook her head sorrowfully and burst into a torrent of tears. Truly the Manor was a dismal house of mourning. To Ethelwynn I sent a telegram addressed to the Hennikers, in order that she should receive it the instant she arrived in town. Briefly I explained the tragedy, and asked her to come down to the Manor at once, feeling assured that Mrs. Mivart, in the hour of her distress, desired her daughter at her side. Then I accompanied the local constable, and the three police officers who had come over from Ound ray ban polarized review le, down to the riverside. The brilliant afterglow tinged the broad, brimmin ray ban polarized review g river with a crimson light, and the trees beside the water already threw heavy shadows, for the

his back to a bookcase, swaying unsteadily as though he must fall. I certainly do, w ray ban polarized review as Ambler Jevons prompt response. You have been the means of committing a double murder for the purposes of gainbecause you knew that your friend Courtenay had left a will in your favour in the event of his wifes decease. That will has already been proved; but perhaps it may interest you to know that the latest and therefore the valid will is in my own possession, I having found it during a search of the dead mans effects in company wit ray ban polarized review h my friend Boyd. It is dated only a month before his death, and leaves the fortune to the widow, and in the event of her death to her sister Ethelwynn. To me! cried my love, in surprise. Yes, Miss Ethelwynn. Everything is left to you unreservedly, he explained. Then, turning

women were busy and even the children. Quite suddenly all the air seemed to glow and grow redit was like the sudden opening of a furnace door, such as you may see at Woolwich Arsenal if you ever have the luck to be taken thereand then almost as suddenly it was as though the furnace doors had been shut. For the sun had set, and it was ray ban polarized review night. The sun had that abrupt way of setting in Egypt eight thousand years ago, and I believe it has never been able to break itself of the habit, and sets in exactly the same manner to the present day. The girl brought the skins of wild deer and led the children to a heap of dry sedg ray ban polarized review e. My father says they will not attack yet. Sleep! she said, and it really seemed a good idea. You may think that in the midst of all these dangers the children would not have

Anthea held out her soft, pink hand. He took it. She pulled him gently to his feet. Jane held up the Amulet. To just outside Atlantis, said Cyril, and Jane said the Name of Power. You owl! said Robert, its an island. Outside an islands all water. I wont go. I WONT, said the Psammead, kicking and struggling in its ray ban polarized review bag. But already the Amulet had grown to a great arc ray ban polarized review h. Cyril pushed the learned gentleman, as undoubtedly the first-born, through the archnot into water, but on to a wooden floor, out of doors. The others followed. The Amulet grew smaller again, and there they all were, standing on the deck of a ship whose sailors were busy making her fast with chains to rings on a white quay-side. The rings and the chains were of a metal that shone red-yellow like gold. Everyone on the ship