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and Howard Carter, and is now in the Cairo Museum. I can well imagine theyd want to keep it in their own country. Vance tossed the dagger to the table. And where did you ordinarily keep it? Under some papers in one of my desk drawers in the study, he replied presently. It was a rather personal item, and I thought it best not to list it in the museum. Most discreet… . Who besides yourself knew of its existence? My wife, of course, and He broke off suddenly, and a peculiar light came in his eyes. Come, come, doctor. Vance spoke with annoyance. This wont do. Finish your sentence. It is finished. My largest ray ban wayfarer wife was the only person I confided in. Vance accepted the statement without further argument. largest ray ban wayfarer Still, he said, any one might have discovered it, what? Bliss nodded slowly. Provided he had been

finally went to Bliss But something must have convinced him. The dagger, Markham. Bliss made a gr largest ray ban wayfarer ave error in that regard. Scarlett and Bliss were the only two persons who knew about that smuggled weapon. And when I showed it to Scarlett and informed him it had been used in an attempt on Blisss life, he knew pretty conclusively that Bliss had concocted the whole tale. And he came here to-night to confront largest ray ban wayfarer Bliss… . Exactly. He realized that Bliss was trying to involve Salveter; and he wanted to let Bliss know that his monstrous scheme was seen through. He came here to protect an innocent mandespite the fact that Salveter was his rival, as it were, for the affections of Meryt-Amen. That would be like Scarlett… . Vance looked sad. When I sent Salveter to Boston I believed I had eliminated

paper with notes upon the case. I watched as his pencil went swiftly to work, and when he had finished I saw him underline certain wo largest ray ban wayfarer rds he had written. Thorpe appears to suspect that fellow Short, he remarked, when I met him again largest ray ban wayfarer in the library a quarter of an hour later. Ive just been chatting with him, and to me his demeanour is not that of a guilty man. Hes actually been upstairs with the coroners officer in the dead mans room. A murderer generally excuses himself from entering the presence of his victim. Well, I exclaimed, after a pause, you know the whole circumstances now. Can you see any clue which may throw light on the affair? He slowly twisted his moustache again; then twisted his plain gold ring slowly round the little finger on the left handa habit of his when perplexed. No,

her hand in greeting. I thought you were reposing after your long walk this morning, dear; so I did not disturb you, her mother explained. But, heedless of the explanation, she continued putting to me questions as to when I had left town, and the reason of my visit there. To the latter I returned an evasive answer, declaring that I had run down because I had heard that her mother was not altogether well. Yes, thats true, she said. Poor mother has been very queer of late. She seems so distracted, and worries quite unnecessarily over me. I wish youd give her advice. Her state causes me considerable anxiety. Very well, I said, feigning to laugh, I must diagnose the ailment and see what can be done. The soup had been served, and a largest ray ban wayfarer s I carried my spoon to my mouth I exami largest ray ban wayfarer ned her furtively. My

body, white and composed, her hair dishevelled about her shoulders, and her white waxen hands crossed about her breast. The expression upon her countenancethat face that looked so charming beneath its veil of widowhood largest ray ban wayfarer as she had sat in my room at Harley Placewas calm and restful, for indeed, in the graceful curl of the lips, there was a kind of half-smile, as though, poor thing, she had at last found perfect peace. Govitt drew up the blind, allowing the golden sunset to stream into the room, thereby giving me sufficient light to make my examination. The latter occupied some li largest ray ban wayfarer ttle time, my object being to discover any marks of violence. In persons drowned by force, and especially in women, the doctor expects to find red or livid marks upon the wrists, arms or neck, where the assailant had

would go to the police and tell the truth of the whole circumstanceshow that you had induced her to go to the house in Kew and kill her husband. You saw that your game was up if she were not silenced; therefore, without further ado, you se largest ray ban wayfarer nt the poor woman to her last account. You lie! the old man cried, his drawn face blanched to the lips. She fell inaccidentally. She did not. You threw her in, declared Ambler Jevons, firmly. I followed you there. I was witness of the scene between you; and, although too far off to save poor Mrs. Courtenay, I was witness of your crime! You! he gasped, glaring at my companion in fear, as though he foresaw the horror of his punishment. Yes! respo largest ray ban wayfarer nded Jevons, in his dry, matter-of-fact voice, his sleepy eyes brightening for a moment. Since the day of the

and we shall obey. He pulled the trigger, and th largest ray ban wayfarer e cap went off. The noise was loud, for it was a two-shilling pistol, and the caps were excellent. Every man, woman, and child in the village fell on its face on the sand. The headman who had accepted the test rose first. The voice has spoken, he said. Lead them into the ante-room of the sacred thing. So now the four children were led in through the opening of the hedge and round the lane till they came to an opening in the inner hedge, and they went through an opening in that, and so passed into another lane. The thing was built something like this, and all the hedges we largest ray ban wayfarer re of brushwood and thorns: Drawing of maze omitted.] Its like the maze at Hampton Court, whispered Anthea. The lanes were all open to the sky, but the little hut in the

sea. You can read about it in Plato. Thank you, said Cyril doubtfully. Were there any Amulets there? asked Anthea, made anxious by a sudden thought. Hundreds, I should think. So HES been talking to you? Yes, often. Hes very kind to us. We like him awfully. Well, what he wants is a holiday; you persuade him to take one. What he wants is a change of scene. You see, his head is crusted so thickly inside with knowledge about Egypt and Assyria and things that you cant hammer anything into it unless you keep hard at it all day long for days and days. And I havent time. But you live in the house. You can hammer almost incessantly. Just try your hands, will you? Right. So long! He went down the stairs three at a time, and Jane remarked that largest ray ban wayfarer he was a n largest ray ban wayfarer ice man, and she thought he had little girls of