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mattress. It stood against the left-hand wall at a right angle to the door. The object at which Bliss pointed with a quivering blue ray ban eyeglasses finger was an antique Egyptian dagger, about eleven inches long, whose blade was driven into the headboard ju blue ray ban eyeglasses st above the pillow. The direction of penetration was on a line with the door. We all moved forward and stood for several seconds staring at the sinister sight. The dagger had undoubtedly been thrown with great force to have entered the hard mahogany wood so firmly; and it was obvious that if any one had been lying on the pillow at the time it was hurled, he would have received the full brunt of it somewhere in the throat. Vance studied the position of the dagger, gauging its alignment and angulation with the door, and then he reached out his hand to grasp

Vance dismissed him with a blue ray ban eyeglasses gesture, and went on: Y see, Markham, Bliss put the sheath in Salveters room, and then threw the dagger into the headboard of his bed. He phoned me and, when we arrived, told an elaborate but plausible tale of having been assaulted by an inconnu. He was a damn good actor, Heath commented. Yesin the main. But there was one psychological point he overlooked. If he had actually been the victim of a murderous attack he would not have gone down-stairs alone in the dark to phone me. He would have first roused the house. 33 Thats reasonable. Markham had become impatient. But you said something about the picture not being complete The letter! Vance sat up and threw away his cigarette. T blue ray ban eyeglasses hat was the missing factor. I couldnt understand why the forged hieroglyphic letter

low, mysterious tone he explained to my friend the circumstance of Short having admitted possession of the knife hanging in the hall. In it Ambler Jevons at once scented a clue. I never liked that fellow! he exclaimed, turning to me. My impression has always been that he was a sneak, blue ray ban eyeglasses and told old Courtenay everything that went on, either in drawing-room or kitchen. Thorpe, continuing, explained how the back door had been found unfastened, and how Short had admitted unfastenin blue ray ban eyeglasses g it in order to go forth to seek the assassin. A ridiculous storyutterly absurd! declared Jevons. A man doesnt rush out to shed blood for blood like that! Of course not, agreed the detective. To my mind appearances are entirely against this fellow. Yet, we have one fact to bear in mind, namely, that being sent to town

porcelain. The big red-shaded lamp in the centre of the table shed a soft light upon the snowy cloth, the flowers and the glittering silver; and as my hostess took her seat she sighed slightly, and for the first time asked of Ethelwynn. I havent seen her for a week, I was compelled to admit. Patients have been so numerous that I havent had time to go out to see her, except at hours when calling at a friends house was out of the question. Do you like the Hennikers? her mother inquired, raising her ey blue ray ban eyeglasses es inquiringly to mine. Yes, Ive found them very agreeable and pleasant. Hm, the old lady ejaculated dubiously. Well, I dont. I met Mrs. Henniker once, and I must say that blue ray ban eyeglasses I did not care for her in the least. Ethelwynn is very fond of her, but to my mind shes fast, and not at all a suitable

had, of late, been quite unaccountable. Her absences were frequent, and she appeared to sometimes make long and mysterious journeys in various directions, while her days at home were usually spent in the solitude of her own room. Some friends of the family, he said, attributed it to grief at the great blow she had sustained, while others suspected that her mind had become slightly unhinged. I recollected, myself, how strange had been her manner when she had visited me, and inwardly confessed to being utterly my blue ray ban eyeglasses stified. Doctor Govitt I found to be a stout middle-aged man, of the usual type of old-fashioned practitioner of a cathedral town, whose methods and ideas were equally old-fashioned. Before I entered the room where the unfortunate woman blue ray ban eyeglasses was lying, he explained to me that life had

remarkable features of the mystery held me utterly bewildered. At first it seemed impossible; but as the discussion grew more heated, and the facts poured forth from the mouth of the woman I loved, and from the man who was my best friend, I became convinced that at last the whole of the mysterious affair blue ray ban eyeglasses would be elucidated. One point, however, still puzzled me, namely, the inexplicable scene I had witnessed on the bank of the Nene. I referred to it; whereupon Ambler Jevons drew from his breast-pocket two photographs, and, holding them before the eyes of the trembling old man, said: You recognise these? For a lon blue ray ban eyeglasses g time past Ive been making inquiries into your keen interest in amateur theatricals. My information led me to Curtiss, the wigmakers; and they furnished me with this picture,

for them. A murmur ran through the crowd. No, NO, said Cyril again. We are on your side. We will help you to guard your sacred things. The headman seemed impressed by the fact that Cyril knew that there WERE blue ray ban eyeglasses sacred things to be guarded. He stood a moment gazing at the children. Then he said It is well. And now let all blue ray ban eyeglasses make offering, that we may be strong in battle. The crowd dispersed, and nine men, wearing antelope-skins, grouped themselves in front of the opening in the hedge in the middle of the village. And presently, one by one, the men brought all sorts of thingshippopotamus flesh, ostrich-feathers, the fruit of the date palms, red chalk, green chalk, fish from the river, and ibex from the mountains; and the headman received these gifts. There was another hedge inside the first,

said Anthea; and you were looking so lovely. Ill get a wet rag. Bobs, go and hold your hand under the hot-water tap. Its what ballet girls do with their legs when they hurt them. I blue ray ban eyeglasses saw it in a book. What book? said Robert disagreeably. But he went. When he came back Cyrils head had been bandaged by his sisters, and he had been brought to the state of mind where he was able reluctantly to admit that he supposed Robert hadnt done it on purpose. Robert replying with equal suavity, Anthea hastened to lead the talk away from the accident. I suppose you dont feel like going anywhere through the Amulet, she said. Egypt! said Jane promptly. I want to see the pussy cats. Not metoo hot, said Cyril. Its about as much as I can stand herelet alone Egypt. It was indee blue ray ban eyeglasses d, hot, even on the second landing,