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gold adorned with shallow central grooves ending with an engraved palmette decoration. 25 Late Eighteenth Dynasty, murmured Vance, fingering the dagger and studying its designs. Pretty, but decadent. The rugged simplicity of early Egyptian art went frightfully to pot during the opulent renaissance following the Hyksos invasion… . I say, Doctor Bliss; how did you come by this flamboyant gewgaw? Bliss was ill at ease, and when he answered his tone was apologetic and embarrassed. The fact is, Mr. Vance, I smuggled that dagger out of Egypt. It was an unusual and unexpect ray ban eyeglass frames ed find, and purely accidental. Its a most valuable relic, and I was afraid the Egyptian Government would claim it. 25.A similar dagger was found on the ray ban eyeglass frames royal mummy in the tomb of Tut-ankh-Am.n by the late Earl of Carnarvon

let the letter go, reserving it for future usein case we didnt arrest Salveter after the dagger episode. And when I deliberately avoided the ray ban eyeglass frames clews he had prepared against Salveter, I knew the letter would appear very soon. I was afraid Scarlett might in some way block Blisss scheme, so I warned him to keep away from the house. I dont ray ban eyeglass frames know what more I could have done. Nor I. Markhams tone was consoling. Scarlett should have followed your advice. But he didnt. Vance sighed regretfully. You think, then, that Scarlett suspected the truth? Undoubtedly. And he suspected it early in the game. But he wasnt sure enough to speak out. He was afraid he might be doing the doctor an injustice; and, being an English gentleman, he kept silent. My belief is, he got to worrying about the situation and

suspicion had thus fallen, the servants had all gone to the house where their mistress was lodged, after being cautioned by the police to say nothing of the matter, and to keep their mouths closed to all the reporters who would no doubt very soon be swarming into the district ray ban eyeglass frames eager for every scrap of information. Their evidence would be required at the inquest, and the police forbade them, until then, to make any comment, or to give any explanation of the myst ray ban eyeglass frames erious affair. The tongues of domestics wag quickly and wildly in such cases, and have many times been the means of defeating the ends of justice by giving away important clues to the Press. Ambler Jevons, however, was a practised hand at mysteries. He sat down in the library, and with his crabbed handwriting covered two sheets of

necessary adjunct to happiness, and it had been with her heartiest approval that Mary had married the unfortunate Courtenay, notwithstanding the difference between the ages of bride and bridegroom. In every particular the old lady was a typical specimen of the squires widow, as found in rural England to-day. Scarcely had we seated ourselves and I had replied to her question when the door opened and a sl ray ban eyeglass frames im figure in deep black entered and mechanically took the empty chair. She crossed the room, looking straight before her, and did not notice my presence until she had seated herself face to face with me. Of a sudden her thin wan face lit up with a smile of recognition, and she cried: Why, Doctor! Wherever did you come ray ban eyeglass frames from? No one told me you were here, and across the table she stretched out

or three times of late, and noted c ray ban eyeglass frames ertain abnormal features in her case that aroused my suspicions that her brain had become unbalanced. I never, however, suspected her of suicidal tendency. Her mother, Mrs. Mivart, did, I responded. She told me so only a few days ago. I know, I know, he answered. Of course, her mother had more frequent and intim ray ban eyeglass frames ate opportunities for watching her than we had. In any case it is a very dreadful thing for the family. Very! I said. And the mystery surrounding the death of Mr. Courtenaywas it never cleared up? Did the police never discover any clue to the assassin? No. Not a single fact regarding it, beyond those related at the inquest, has ever been brought to light. Extraordinaryvery extraordinary! I went with him into the darkened bedroom wherein lay the

ire estate a ray ban eyeglass frames nd hand you the money, believing you to be her husband and rightly entitled to it. The terrible crime which the unfortunate woman had committed at your instigation had turned her brain, as you anticipated, and she, docile and half-witted, was entirely beneath your influence until and he paused. Until what? I asked, utterly astounded at this remarkable explanation of what I had considered to be an absolutely inexplicable phenomenon. He spoke again, quite calmly: Until this man, to his dismay, found that poor Mrs. Courtenays intellect was regaining its strength. They met beside the river, and, her brain suddenly regaining its balance, she discovered the ingenious fraud he was imposing upon her. Turning to Sir Bernard, he said, She tore off ray ban eyeglass frames your disguise and declared that she

more room in me to be astonished. Our maiden said there was peace between you and us. But for this coming of a foe we should have made sure. The children shuddered. Now speak. Are you upon our side? YES. Dont I keep telling you we are? Robert said. Look here. I will give you a sign. You see this. He held out the toy pistol. I shall speak to it, and if it answers me you will know that I and the others are come to guard your sacred thingthat weve just made the offerings to. Will that god whose image you hold in your hand speak to you alone, or shall I also hear it? asked the man cautiously. Youll be surprised when you DO hear it, said Robert. Now, then. He looked at the pistol and said If we are to guard t ray ban eyeglass frames ray ban eyeglass frames he sacred treasure withinhe pointed to the hedged-in spacespeak with thy loud voice,

Babylon, said the learned gentleman. I wish youd go to Atlantis some time, while were about it, so as to give me some tips for my Nineteenth Century article when you come home. I wish I could, said the voice of the learned gentleman. Goodbye. Take care of yourself. The door was banged, and the visitor came smiling down the stairsa stout, prosperous, big man. The chi ray ban eyeglass frames ldren had to get up to let him pass. Hullo, Kiddies, he said, glancing at the bandages on the head of Cyril and the hand of Robert, been in the wars? Its all right, said Cyril. I say, what was that Atlantic place you wanted him to go to? We couldnt help hearing you talk. You talk so VERY loud, you see, said Jane soothingly. Atlantis ray ban eyeglass frames , said the visitor, the lost Atlantis, garden of the Hesperides. Great continentdisappeared in the