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go back to bed now, Vance told him. Yes, sir. And Brush went quickly away and disappeared through the door at the rear of the hall. Vance made a gesture for us to follow him and led the way up-stairs. A small electric bulb was burning in the uppe 2014 ray ban sunglasses r hall, but we did not need it to find Doctor Blisss room, for his door was a few inches ajar and a shaft of light fell diagonally across the floor outside. Vance, without knocking, pushed the door inward and stepped into the room. Bliss was sitting rigidly in a straight chair in the far corner, leaning slightly forward, his eyes riveted on the door. In his hand was a brutal-looking army revolver. At our entrance he leapt to his feet, and brought the gun up simultaneously. Tut, tut, doctor! Vance smiled whimsically. Put the 2014 ray ban sunglasses firearms away and chant

bank, taxied to the Grand Central Station, asked loudly about tra 2014 ray ban sunglasses ins to Montreal, and then stood conspicuously by the gate waiting for the train… . He knew that Guilfoyle was following him; for, had he really intended making his escape, you may rest assured Guilfoyle would never have traced him. You, Sergeant, accepted Blisss action at its face value; and I was afraid that his silly disappearan 2014 ray ban sunglasses ce would produce the very result he intendednamely, his re-arrest. That was why I argued against it so passionately. Vance leaned back but did not relax. There was a rigid alertness in his attitude. And because you did not manacle him, Sergeant, he continued, he was forced to take a further step. He had to build up a case against Sal-veter. So he staged the drama with the dagger. He deliberately

oppression as that from which Ive been suffering. You certainly did have the blues badly the night before last, he said frankly. And by some unaccountable manner your curious feeling was an intuition of this tragic occurrence. Very odd and mysterious, to say the least. Uncanny, I call it, I declared. Yes, I agree with you, he answered. It is an uncanny affair altogether. Tell me about the ladies. Where are they? I explained how Mrs. Courten 2014 ray ban sunglasses ay had been absent, and how she had been prostrated by the news of his death. He stroked his moustache slowly, deeply reflecting. Then at present she doesnt know that hes been murdered? She thinks that he was taken ill, and expired suddenly? Exa 2014 ray ban sunglasses ctly. And I went on to describe the wild scene which followed my admission that her husband was dead. I

old room that breathed an air of a 2014 ray ban sunglasses century past, chatting with old Mrs. Mivart, and learning from her full particulars of Marys eccentricities. My hostess told me of the proving of the will, which left the Devonshire estate to her daughter, and of the slow action of the executors. The young widows actions, as described to me, were certainly strange, and made me strongly suspect that she was not quite responsible for them. That Marys remorse was overwhelming was plain; and that fact aroused within my mind a very strong suspicion of a circumstance I had 2014 ray ban sunglasses not before contemplated, namely, that during the life of her husband there had been a younger male attraction. The acuteness of her grief seemed proof of this. And yet, if argued logically, the existence of a secret lover should cause her to

some funny rumours in the village. About what? People say that she was watched by Drake, Lord Nassingtons gamekeeper, who saw her at two oclock in the morning walking arm-in-arm with an old gentleman. I heard the rumour down at the Golden Ball, but I wouldnt believe it. Why, Mr. Courtenays only been dead a month or two. The man Drake is a bragging fellow, and I think mo 2014 ray ban sunglasses st people discredit his statement. Well, I said, it might possibly have been true. It seems hardly conceivable that she should go wandering alone by the river at night. She surely had some motive in going there. Was she only seen by the gamekeeper on one occasion? Only once. But, of cour 2014 ray ban sunglasses se, he soon spread it about the village, and it formed a nice little tit-bit of gossip. As soon as I heard it I took steps to deny it. It

refreshing. Reflect a moment, and youll find that you arrived at Brighton Station at seven oclock next morning from Victoria. You spent the night in London; and further, you were recognised by a police 2014 ray ban sunglasses inspector walking along the Chiswick Road as early as half-past three. I have not been idle, Sir Bernard, and have spent a good deal of time at Hove of late. What do you allege, then? he cried in fierce anger, a dark, evil expression on his pale, drawn face. I suppose youll declare that Im a 2014 ray ban sunglasses murderer next! I allege that, at your instigation, a serious and desperate attempt was made, a short time ago, upon the life of my friend Boyd by ruffians who were well paid by you. Another lie! he blurted forth defiantly. What? I cried. Is that the truth, Ambler? Was I entrapped at the instigation of

hear what hes got to say. The runner had risen to his knees and was sitting back on his heels. Now he stood up and spoke. He began by some respectful remarks addressed to the heads of the village. His speech got more interesting when he said I went out in my raft to snare ibises, and I had gone up the stream an hours journey. Then I set my snares and waited. And I heard the sound of many wings, and looking up, sa 2014 ray ban sunglasses w many herons ci 2014 ray ban sunglasses rcling in the air. And I saw that they were afraid; so I took thought. A beast may scare one heron, coming upon it suddenly, but no beast will scare a whole flock of herons. And still they flew and circled, and would not light. So then I knew that what scared the herons must be men, and men who knew not our ways of going softly so as to take the birds and beasts

spend hours and hours, only to find when they got back to London that the whole thing had been briefer than a lightning flash. They talked of the Past at their meals, in their walks, in the dining-room, in the first-floor drawing-room, but most of all on the stairs. It was an old house; it had once been a fashionable one, and was a 2014 ray ban sunglasses fine one still. The banister rails of the stairs were excellent for sliding down, and in the corners of the landings were big alcoves 2014 ray ban sunglasses that had once held graceful statues, and now quite often held the graceful forms of Cyril, Robert, Anthea, and Jane. One day Cyril and Robert in tight white underclothing had spent a pleasant hour in reproducing the attitudes of statues seen either in the British Museum, or in Fathers big photograph book. But the show ended