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us the distressin rune. Bliss drew an audible sigh of relief, and placed the weapon on a small table at his side. Thank you for coming, Mr. Vance, he said in a strained tone. And you, Mr. ray ban tortoise Markham. He acknowledged Heaths and my presence with a slight, jerky bow. The thing you predicted has happened… . Theres a murderer in this house! Well, well! That would hardly come under the head of news. I could not understand Vances attitude. Weve known that fact since eleven this morning. Bliss, too, was perplexed and, I imagine, somewhat piqued by Vances negligent manner, for he stepped stiffly to the bed and, pointing at the headboard, remarked irritably: And theres the proof! The bed was an old Colonial piece, of polished mahogany, with a great curving headboa ray ban tortoise rd rising at least four feet above the

sent Sal-veter to the study to get a memorandum-book in t ray ban tortoise he deskwhere the dagger was kept… . And the sheath! exclaimed Markham. Oh, quite. That was the real clew against Salveter. Having put the sheath in Salveters room, Bliss suggested to us that we might find the would-be assassin by locating the sheath. I knew where it was the moment he so helpfully mentioned it; so I gave Hani a chance to lie about it… . You mean Hani didnt find the sheath in the hall? Of course not. Vance again called Hani from the hall. Where did you find the sheath of the royal dagger? he asked. Hani answered without a moments hestitation. In Mr. Salveters room, effendias you well know. Vance nodded. And by t ray ban tortoise he by, Hani, has any one approached this door to-night? No, effendi. The doctor is still in his study.

explained it to him in detail, for I saw that his thoughts were following in the same channel as my own. We both pitied the unfortunate woman. My friend knew her well, for he had often accompanied me there and had spent the evening with us. Ethelwynn liked him for his careless Bohemianism, and for the fund of stories always at his command. Sometimes he used to entertain us for hours together, relating details of mysteries upon which he had at one time or another been engaged. Women are always fond of myster ray ban tortoise ies, and he often held both of them breathless by his vivid narr ray ban tortoise atives. Thorpe, the detective from Scotland Yard, a big, sturdily-built, middle-aged man, whose hair was tinged with grey, and whose round, rosy face made him appear the picture of good health, joined us a moment later. In a

congratulate herself upon her liberty. The whole situation was an absolut ray ban tortoise e enigma. Chapter 16 Chapter 16 REVEALS AN ASTOUNDING FACT. Dinner was announced, and I took Mrs. Mivart into the room on th ray ban tortoise e opposite side of the big old-fashioned hall, a long, low-ceilinged apartment the size of the drawing-room, and hung with some fine old family portraits and miniatures. Old Squire Mivart had been an enthusiastic collector of antique china, and the specimens of old Montelupo and Urbino hanging upon the walls were remarkable as being the finest in any private collection in this country. Many were the visits he had made to Italy to acquire those queer-looking old medi.val plates, with their crude colouring and rude, inartistic drawings, and certainly he was an acknowledged expert in antique

never reached the young ladys ears? Oh, no, the old serv ray ban tortoise ant answered. We were careful to keep the scandal to ourselves, knowing how it would pain her. Shes had sufficient trouble in her life, poor thing. And with tears in his grey old eyes, he added: I have known her ever since she was a child in her cradle. Its awful that her end should come like this. He was a most trustworthy and devoted servant, having spent nearly thirty years of his life in the service of the family, until he had become alm ray ban tortoise ost part of it. His voice quivered with emotion when he spoke of the dead daughter of the house, but he knew that towards me it was not a servants privilege to entirely express the grief he felt. I put other questions regarding the dead womans recent actions, and he was compelled to admit that they

this man? Yes. He had reasons for getting rid of youas you will discern later. I tell you its an untruth! shouted the old man, in a frenzy of rage. Deny it if you will, answered my friend, with a nonchalant air. It, however, may be interesting to you to know that the man ‘Lanky Lane, one of the desperate gang whom you bribed to call up Boyd on the night in question, is what is known at Scotland Yard as a policemans ‘nose, or informer; and that he made a ray ban tortoise plain statement of the whole affair before he fell a victim to your carefully-laid plan by which his lips were sealed. In an instant I recollected that the costermonger of the London Road was one of the ruffians. The old mans lips compr ray ban tortoise essed. He saw that he was cornered. The revelation that to his clever cunning was due the many

unawares. By this I knew they were not of our race or of our place. So, leaving my raft, I crept along the river bank, and at last came upon the strangers. They are many as the sands of the desert, and their spear-heads shine red like the sun. They are a terrible people, and their march is towards US. Having seen this, I ra ray ban tortoise n, and did not stay till I was before you. These are YOUR folk, said the headman, turning suddenly and angrily on Cyril, yo ray ban tortoise u came as spies for them. We did NOT, said Cyril indignantly. We wouldnt be spies for anything. Im certain these people arent a bit like us. Are they now? he asked the runner. No, was the answer. These mens faces were darkened, and their hair black as night. Yet these strange children, maybe, are their gods, who have come before to make ready the way

abruptly because Robert wanted to be the Venus of Milo, and for this purpose pulled at the sheet which served for drapery at the very moment when Cyril, looking really quite like the Discoboloswith a gold and white saucer for the discwas standing on one foot, and under that one foot was the sheet. Of course the Discobolos and his disc and the would-be Venus came down together, and everyone was a good deal hurt, especially the saucer, which would never be the same again, however neatly one might join its uneven bits with Seccotine or the white of an egg. I hope youre satisfied, said Cyril, holding his head where a large lump was rising. Quite, thanks, said Robert bitterly. His thum ray ban tortoise b had caught in the banisters and bent itself back almost to bre ray ban tortoise aking point. I AM so sorry, poor, dear Squirrel,