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house a few doors from Twentieth Street, and rang the bell. Scarletts quarterstwo small ray ban aviator polarized rooms with a wide, arched doorway betweenwere on the second floor at the front. They were furnished severely but comfortably in Jacobean style, and typified the serious-minded bachelor. Scarlett had opened the door at our knock and invited us in with the stiff cordiality of the English host. He seemed relieved to see us. Ive been in a frightful stew for hours, he said. Been trying to analyze this affair. I was on the point of running round to the museum and finding out what progress you gentlemen had made. Weve made a bit of progress, Vance told him; but ray ban aviator polarized its not of a tangible nature. Weve decided to let matters float for a while in the anticipation that the guilty person will proceed with his plot and

advisable for us to question you again regarding Mr. Salveter.Would you mind waiting in the study? Not at all. Bliss shot him a comprehending glance, and went down the hall. A few moments later we heard the study door close. Vance gave Hani a curious look, w ray ban aviator polarized hich I did not understand. I have something I wish to tell Mr. Markham, he said. Will you be good enough to stand in the hall and see that no one disturbs us? Hani rose. With pleasure, effendi. And he took his post outside. Vance closed the folding doors, and comin ray ban aviator polarized g back to the centre-table, settled himself comfortably. You, Markhamand you, Sergeantwere both right yesterday morning when you concluded that Doctor Bliss was guilty of murdering Kyle Say, listen! Heath leapt to his feet. What the hell! Oh, quite, Sergeant. Please sit down

Dolly Henn ray ban aviator polarized iker, of course, asked me to stay, and I could not refuse. Then glancing from my face to that of her sister she asked: Why do you both look so strange? Te ray ban aviator polarized ll me, she shrieked. Tell me the worst. Is heis he dead? I nodded in the affirmative. For a second she stood dumb, then gave vent to a long wail, and would have fallen senseless if I had not caught her in my arms and laid her back upon the long settee placed in an alcove on the landing. She, like all the others, had dressed hurriedly. Her hair was dishevelled beneath her hat, but her disordered dress was concealed by her long ulster heavily lined with silver fox, a magnificent garment which her doting husband had purchased through a friend at Moscow, and presented to her as a birthday gift. From her manner it was only too plain

But with what purpose was a profound mystery. I was bending over, closely examining the words and noting how carefully they had been traced in imitation, when, of a sudden, I heard a voice in the drawing-room adjoininga womans voice. I pricked my ears and listenedfor the eccentric old fellow to entertain was most unusual. He always hated women, because he saw too much of their wiles and wilfulness as patients. Nevertheless it was apparent that he had a lady visitor in the adjoining room, and a moment later it was equally apparent that they were not on the most friendly terms; for, of a sudden, the ray ban aviator polarized voice sounded again quite distinc ray ban aviator polarized tlyraised in a cry of horror, as though at some sudden and terrible discovery. Ah! I seeI see it all now! shrieked the unknown woman. You have deceived me! Coward

influence that shapes our ends, has placed you together and forged a bond between you that is unbreakablethe bond of perfect love. There seemed such a genuine ring in her voice, and she spoke with such solicitude for our welfare, that in the conversation I entirely forgot that after all she was only trying to bring us together again in order to prevent her own secret from being exposed. At some moments she seemed the perfection of honesty and ray ban aviator polarized integrity, without the slightest affectation of interest or artificiality of manner, and it was this fresh complexity of her character that utterly baffled me. I could not determine whether, or not, she was in earnest. If it is really destiny I suppose that t ray ban aviator polarized o try and resist it is quite futile, I remarked mechanically. Absolutely. Ethelwynn will

one Sunday I found him confined to his bed, grumbling and peevish. He was eccentric in his miserly habits and his hatred of society, beyond doubt; and the absurdities which his enemies attribu ray ban aviator polarized ted to him were not altogether unfounded. But he had, at all events, the rare quality of entertaining for his profession a respect nearly akin to enthusiasm. Indeed, according to his views, the faculty possessed almost infallible qualities. In confidence he had more than once admitted to me that certain of his colleagues practising in Harley Street were amazing donkeys; but he would never have allowed anyone else to say so. From the moment a man acquired that diploma which gave him the right over life and death, that man became, in his eyes, an aug ray ban aviator polarized ust personage for the world at large. It was a crime,

question further? The fact remains that in all their adventures the mud ray ban aviator polarized dle-headed inventions which we call foreign languages never bothered them in the least. They could always understand and be understood. If you can explain this, please do. I daresay I could understand your explanation, though you could never understand mine. So when the girl said, Who are you? everyone understood at once, and Anthea replied We are childrenjust like you. Dont be frightened. Wont you show us where you live? Jane put her face right into the Psammeads basket, and burrowed her mouth into its fur to whisper Is it safe? Wont they eat us? Are they cannibals? Th ray ban aviator polarized e Psammead shrugged its fur. Dont make your voice buzz like that, it tickles my ears, it said rather crossly. You can always get back to Regents Park in

nicest gentleman nodded, and the officials stood round the Queen, the others fo ray ban aviator polarized rming a sort of guard while Robert crossed over to Anthea. Everything you can think of, he replied to Antheas glance of inquiry. Kicked up the most frightful shine in there. Said those necklaces and earrings and things in the glass cases were all herswould have them out of the cases. Tried to break th ray ban aviator polarized e glassshe did break one bit! Everybody in the place has been at her. No good. I only got her out by telling her that was the place where they cut queens heads off. Oh, Bobs, what a whacker! Youd have told a whackinger one to get her out. Besides, it wasnt. I meant MUMMY queens. How do you know they dont cut off mummies heads to see how the embalming is done? What I want to say is, cant you get her to go with you