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few loose ends… . Watch for herdo you understand? Hani inclined his head. Yes, effendi. We understand each other. Thats positively rippin. And incidentally ray ban small aviators , Hani, what is the number of Mr. Scarletts domicile in Irving Place? Ninety-six. The Egyptian revealed considerable interest in Vances question. That will be a ray ban small aviators ll… . And give my regards to your lion-headed goddess. It may be An.bis who will return, effendi, said Hani sepulchrally, as he left us. Vance looked whimsically at Markham. The stage is set, and the curtain will go up anon… . Lets move on. Theres nothing more we can do here. And Im totterin with hunger. As we passed out into Twentieth Street Vance led the way toward Irving Place. I rather think we owe it to Scarlett to let him know how things stand, he explained negligently.

said; but I did not raise any objection. The atmosphere here is very depressing, ray ban small aviators and I sympathi ray ban small aviators zed with his desire to escape from it. What time did he leave the house? Vance put the question carelessly. About nine. I offered to drive him to the station… . At nine, what? And where was he between eight and nine? Bliss looked unhappy. He was with me in the study. We were going over details regarding the reproductions of Hotepheres tomb furniture. Was he with you when Mr. Scarlett arrived? Yes. Bliss frowned. Very peculiar, Scarletts visit. He evidently wanted to talk to Salveter alone. He acted most mysteriouslytreated Salveter with a sort of resentful coldness. But I continued to discuss the object of Salveters trip north Mr. Scarlett waited? Yes. He watched Salveter like a hawk. Then, when

followed us everywhere, white-faced and nervous, with the cream chenille shawl still over her shoulders. She had hastily put up her wealth of dark hair, and now wore the shawl wrapped lightly about her. That shawl attracted me. I managed to speak with her alone for a moment, asking her quite an unimportant question, but nevertheless with a distinct object. As we stood there I placed my hand upon her shoulderand upon the shawl. It was for that very reasonin order to feel the texture of the silkthat I returned to her. The contact of my hand with the silk was convincing. I turned from her once again, and rejoined the shrewd men whose object it was to fasten the guilt upon the ray ban small aviators a ray ban small aviators ssassin. Presently we heard the welcome sound of cab wheels outside, and a few minutes later young Mrs. Courtenay,

patients to my chief in earlier days, before he attained the fame he had now achieved. I remained with her a couple of hours; but finding myself utterly confused regarding her symptoms, I resolved to take the afternoon train down to Hove and consult Sir Bernard. I suggested this course to her ladyship, who was at once delighted with the suggestion. Therefore, promising to return at ten oclock that night, I went out, swallowed a hasty luncheon, and took train down to Brighton. The house was one of those handsome mansions facing the sea at Hove, and as I drove up to it on that bright, sunny afternoon, it seemed to me an ideal residence for ray ban small aviators a man jaded by the eternal worries of a physicians life. The sea-breeze stirred the sun-blinds before the windows, and the flowers in t ray ban small aviators he well-kept boxes

Henniker gave me to understand that my place in your sisters heart has been filled by another man, I said, in a hard voice. Mrs. Henniker! she cried in disgust. Just like that evil-tongued mischief-maker! Ive told you already that I detest her. She was my friend onceit was she who allured me from my husbands side. Why she exercises such an influence over poor ray ban small aviators Ethelwynn, I cant tell. I do hope shell leave their house and come back home. You must try and persuade her to do so. Do you think, then, that the woman has lied? I asked. Im certain of it. Ethelwynn has never a thought for any man save yourself. Ill vouch for that. But what object can she have in telling me an untruth? The widow smiled. A very deep one, probably. You dont know her as ray ban small aviators well as I do, or you would suspect all her actions

a certain reserve that we had not before known. Her conversation was carried on in a mechanical manner, as though distracted by her inner thoughts; and when, after having tea together in Bond Street, we drove to the station, and I saw her off on her return to Neneford, my min ray ban small aviators d was full of darkest apprehensions. Yes. That interview convinced me more than ever that she was, in some manner, cognisant of the truth. The secret existence of old Mr. Courtenay, the man whom I myself had pronounced dead, was the crowning point of the strange affair; and yet I felt by some inward intuition that this fact was not unknown to her. All the remarkable events of that moonlit night when I had followed husband and wife along the river-bank came back to me, and ray ban small aviators I saw vividly the old mans face, haggard and

went she made a strange sort of droning, humming, melancholy noise all on two notes. Anthea could not help thinking that perhaps the girl thought this noise was singing. The girl filled the pitcher and set it down by the river bank. Then she waded into the water and stooped over the circle of cut reeds. She pulled half a dozen fine fish out of the water within the reeds, killin ray ban small aviators g each as she took it out, and threading it on a long osier that she carried. ray ban small aviators Then she knotted the osier, hung it on her arm, picked up the pitcher, and turned to come back. And as she turned she saw the four children. The white dresses of Jane and Anthea stood out like snow against the dark forest background. She screamed and the pitcher fell, and the water was spilled out over the hard mud surface and over the fish,

hat attracted almost as much attention as the royal costume had done; and the children were uncommonly glad to get out of the noisy streets into the grey quiet of the Museum. Parcels and umbrellas to be left here, said a man at the counter. The party had no umbrellas, and the only parcel was the bag containing the Psammead, which the Qu ray ban small aviators een had insisted should be brought. IM not going to be left, said the Psammead softly, so dont you think it. Ill wait outside with you, said Anthea hastily, and went to sit on the seat near the drinking fountain. Dont sit so near that nasty fountain, said the creature crossly; I might get splashed. Anthea obediently moved to another seat and waited. Indeed sh ray ban small aviators e waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. The Psammead dropped into an uneasy slumber.