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other way to play it. He went to the window. I dont know… , he murmured. Then after several moments: Sergeant, Id like to speak to Salveter.And theres no need for Hennessey to remain up-stairs. Let him go. Heath, nonplussed and helpless, went into the hall and called to Hennessey. When Salveter came into the drawing-room, Vance did not even glance in his direction. Mr. Salvet 2014 ray ban sale er, he said, looking out at the dusty trees in Gramercy Park, if I were you Id lock my door to-night… . And dont write any more letters, he added. Also, keep out of the museum. Salveter appeared frightened by these admonitions. He studied Vances back for some time, and then set his jaw. If any one starts anything round here he began with an almost ferocio 2014 ray ban sale us aggressiveness. Oh, quite. Vance sighed. But dont project

enemy of truth. Why cant I get in on this? You can, Sergeant. Vance placed his h 2014 ray ban sale and on the others shoulder. Lets go to the drawing-room. And every mountain and hill shall be 2014 ray ban sale made low; and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain. He moved toward the stairs; and we followed him. Chapter 21 Chapter 21 THE MURDERER Saturday, July 14, 10:40 P.M. As we entered the drawing-room Brush rose. He was pale and palpably frightened. Why are you worried? Vance asked. Suppose, sir, I should be blamed! the man blurted. It was I who left the front door open yesterday morningI wanted to get some fresh air. And then you came and said something had happened to Mr. Kyle. I know I shouldnt have unlatched the door. I realized then why he had acted in so terrified a manner. You may cheer up,

The ho 2014 ray ban sale use, I must explain, was a large detached red brick one, stan 2014 ray ban sale ding in a lawn that was quite spacious for a suburban house, and around it ran an asphalte path which diverged from the right hand corner of the building and ran in two parts to the road, one a semi-circular drive which came up to the portico from the road, and the other, a tradesmens path, that ran to the opposite extremity of the property. From the back kitchen a door led out upon this asphalted tradesmens path, and as I rejoined the searchers some discussion was in progress as to whether the door in question had been secured. The detective-sergeant had found it unbolted and unlocked, but the cook most positively asserted that she had both locked and bolted it at half-past ten, when the under housemaid had come in from

life of ours it is woman who makes us dance as puppets on our miniature stage, who leads us to brilliant success or to black ruin, who exalts us above our fellows or hurls us into oblivion. Womanalways woman. Since that awful suspicion had fallen upon me that the hand that had struck old Mr. Courtenay was that soft delicate one that I had so often carried to my lips, a blank had opened in my life. Consumed by conflicting thoughts, I recollected how sweet and true had been our affection; with what an intense passionate love-look she had gazed upon me with those wond 2014 ray ban sale erful eyes of hers; with what wild fierce passion her lips would meet mine in fond caress. Alas! it had all ended. She had acted a lie to me. That l 2014 ray ban sale etter told the bitter truth. Hence, we were gradually drifting apart. One Sunday

Ethelwynn again, she urged. I know how she adores you; I know how your coldness has crushed all the life out of her. She hides her secret from mother, and for that reason will not come down to Neneford. See her, and return to her; for it is a thousand pities that two lives should be wrecked so completely by some little misunderstanding which will probably be explained away in a dozen words. You may consider this appea 2014 ray ban sale l an extraordinary one, made by one sister on behalf of another, but when I tell you that I have not consulted Ethelwynn, nor does she know that I am here on her behalf, you will readily understand that I have both your interests equally at 2014 ray ban sale heart. To me it seems a grievous thing that you should be placed apart in this manner; that the strong love you bear each other should be

verdict will be suicidethe only one possible in face of the evidence. And then, as though the jury were compelled to act upon the inspectors suggestion, they returned a simple verdict. That the deceased committed suicide by poisoning while of unsound mind. Chapter 30 Chapter 30 SIR BERNARDS DECISION. For fully a week I saw nothing of Ambler. Sir Bernard was unwell, and remained down at Hove; therefore I was compelled to attend to his practice. There were several serious cases, the patients being persons of note; thus I was kept very busy. My friends silence was puzzling. I wrote to him, but received no response. A wir 2014 ray ban sale e to his office in the City elicited the fact that Mr. Jevons was out of town. Probably he was still pursuing the 2014 ray ban sale inquiry he had so actively taken up. Nevertheless, I was

enormous slaty-blue slug showed itself against the black bank on the far side of the stream. Its a hippopotamus, said Cyril; it seems much more real somehow than the one at the Zoo, doesnt it? Im glad its being real on the other side of the river, said Jane. And now there was a crackling of reeds and twigs behind them. This was horrible. Of co 2014 ray ban sale urse it might be another hippopotamus, or a crocodile, or a lionor, in fact, almost anything. Keep your hand on the charm, Jane, said Robert hastily. We ought to have a means of escape handy. Im dead certain this is the sort of place where simply anything might happen to us. I believe a hippopotamus is going to happen to us, said Janea very, very big one. They had all turned to face the danger. Dont be silly little duffers, s 2014 ray ban sale aid the Psammead in its

thoroughly, and talk them, too, so that it felt and sounded to them just as though they were talking English. Well, said Cyril bluntly, now youve seen just how horrid it is, dont you think you might as well go home again? Why, Ive seen simply nothing yet, said the Queen, arranging her starry veil. I wished to be at your door, and I was. Now I must go and see your King and Queen. Nobodys allowed to, said Anthea in haste; but look here 2014 ray ban sale , well take you and show you anything youd like to seeanything you CAN see, she added kindly, because she remembered how nice the Queen had been t 2014 ray ban sale o them in Babylon, even if she had been a little deceitful in the matter of Jane and Psammead. Theres the Museum, said Cyril hopefully; there are lots of things from your country there. If only we could disguise you a