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failed, its almost inevitable that he will make another move. And when he does, we may get the necessry evidence against him. But suppos ray ban cockpit polarized e he takes direct actionagainst me? Bliss remonstrated. The fact that he has failed to involve me may drive him to more desperate measures. I hardly think so, returned Vance. But if anything happens, you can reach me at this telephone number. He wrote his private number on a card and handed it to Bliss. The doctor took the card eagerly, glanced at it, and slipped it into his pocket. Im going up-stairs now, he said, and walked distractedly out of the room. Are you sure, Vance, Markham asked in a troubled voice, that were not subjecting Doctor Bliss to unnecessary risk? Pretty sure. Vance had become thoughtful. Anyway, its a delicate game, an ray ban cockpit polarized d theres no

Theres a chance that Scarlett can help usif he lives. He went to the rear of the museum and mounted the spiral stairs to the study. A few minutes later he reappeared, his face dark and hopeless. I spoke to the doctor, he said. Theres not one chance in a thousand for Scarlett. Concussion of the brainand suffocation. Theyve got the pulmotor on him now. Even if he does pul ray ban cockpit polarized l through hell be unconscious for a week or two. I was ray ban cockpit polarized afraid of that. I had rarely seen Vance so distressed. We were too late. Butdash it all!I couldnt have foreseen his quixotism. And I warned him… . Come, old man. Markham spoke with paternal kindliness. Its not your fault. There was nothing you could have done. And you were right in keeping the truth to yourself Excuse me! Heath was exasperated. I myself aint exactly an

My eyes riveted themselves upon it. The mystery was solved. ray ban cockpit polarized I alone knew the truth! Chapter 7 Chapter 7 THE MAN SHORT AND HIS STORY. A light footstep sounded behind me, and scarcely had I time to thrust the little object hastily back into my pocket when my well-beloved entered in search of me. What do the police think, Ralph? she asked eagerly. Have they any clue? Do tell me. They have no clue, I answered, in a voice which I fear sounded hard and somewhat abrupt. Then I turned from her, as though fully occupied with the investigations at which I was assisting, and went past her, leaving her standing alone. The police were busy examining the door ray ban cockpit polarized s and windows of the back premises, kitchens, scullery, and pantry, but could find no evidence of any lock or fastening having been tampered with.

easily visible, and is therefore the easiest prey to all and sundry. In my own practice I had had a good deal of experience of it. And I am not alone. Every other medical man, if not a grey-headed fossil or a wizened woman-hater, has had similar episodes; many strangesome even startling. Reader, in this narrati ray ban cockpit polarized ve of curious events and remarkable happenings, I am taking you entirely and completely into my confidence. I seek to conceal nothing, nor t ray ban cockpit polarized o exaggerate in any particular, but to present the truth as a plain matter-of-fact statement of what actually occurred. I was a unit among a hundred thousand others engaged in the practice of medicine, not more skilled than the majority, even though Sir Bernards influence and friendship had placed me in a position of prominence. But in this brief

affair. It staggered belief! Let me speak candidly to you, Ralph, she said, after we had been discussing Ethelwynn for some little time. As you may readily imagine, I have my s ray ban cockpit polarized isters welfare very much at heart, and my only desire is to see her happy and comfortable, instead of pining in melancholy as she now is. I ask you frankly, have you quarrelled? No, we have not, I answered promptly. Then if you have not, your neglect is a ray ban cockpit polarized ll the more remarkable, she said. Forgive me for speaking like this, but our intimate acquaintanceship in the past gives me a kind of prerogative to speak my mind. You wont be offended, will you? she asked, with one of those sweet smiles of hers that I knew so well. Offended? Certainly not, Mrs. Courtenay. We are too old friends for that. Then take my advice and see

minds of everyone. Yes. After all, the death of that poor costermonger, Lanky Lane, was of greater public interest than the representatives of the Press anticipat ray ban cockpit polarized ed. Are you quite ce ray ban cockpit polarized rtain of this? the coroner queried. Yes, sir. I am here by the direction of the Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard to give evidence. I was engaged upon the case at Kew, and have also made inquiries into the mystery at Neneford. Then you have suspicion that the deceased waswell, a person of bad character? We have. Fools! growled Ambler. Lane was a policemans ‘nose, and often obtained payment from Scotland Yard for information regarding the doings of a certain gang of thieves. And yet they actually declare him to be a bad character. Preposterous! Do you apply for an adjournment? No, sir. We anticipate that the

have imagined, even in London in August. I wish I knew where we were, said Cyril. Heres a river, nowI wonder whether its the Amazon or the Tiber, or what. Its the Nile, said the Psammead, looking out of the fish-bag. Then this is Egypt, said Robert, who had once taken a geography prize. I dont see any crocodiles, Cyril objected. His prize had been for natural history. The Psammead re ray ban cockpit polarized ached out a hai ray ban cockpit polarized ry arm from its basket and pointed to a heap of mud at the edge of the water. What do you call that? it said; and as it spoke the heap of mud slid into the river just as a slab of damp mixed mortar will slip from a bricklayers trowel. Oh! said everybody. There was a crashing among the reeds on the other side of the water. And theres a river-horse! said the Psammead, as a great beast like an

theyll fetch the police. And we dont want to see you collared ray ban cockpit polarized and put in prison. You cant put queens in prison, she said loftily. Oh, cant you? said Cyril. We cut off a kings head here once. In this miserable room? How frightfully interesting. No, no, not in this room; in history. Oh, in THAT, s ray ban cockpit polarized aid the Queen disparagingly. I thought youd done it with your own hands. The girls shuddered. What a hideous city yours is, the Queen went on pleasantly, and what horrid, ignorant people. Do you know they actually cant understand a single word I say. Can you understand them? asked Jane. Of course not; they speak some vulgar, Northern dialect. I can understand YOU quite well. I really am not going to explain AGAIN how it was that the children could understand other languages than their own so