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You should ha classic ray ban wayfarer ve let me escape. A wild look came into his eyes, and he glanced hurriedly toward the door as if he feared some imminent danger lurking in the hall. Have me arrested, classic ray ban wayfarer Mr. Vance! Do anything but ask me to stay here… . His voice had become pitifully appealing. Vance drew away from him. Pull yourself together, doctor, he said in a matter-of-fact tone. Nothing is going to happen to you… . Go to your room and remain there till to-morrow. Well take care of the criminal end of the case. But you have no idea who did this frightful thing, Bliss protested. Oh, but we have, dont y know. Vances calm assurance seemed to have a quieting effect on him. Its only necessry for us to wait a bit. At present we havent enough evidence to make an arrest. But since the murderers main object has

fixed on the incriminating pa-perwhat about that other letter you pieced together? And how did this letter get in Scarletts pocket? Vance folded the paper carefully and placed it in his wallet. The time has come, he said slowly, to tell you everything. It may classic ray ban wayfarer be, when you have the facts in hand, you can figure out some course of procedure. I can see legal difficulties ahead; but I now have all the evidence we can ever hope for. He was uneasy and troubled. Scarletts intrusion in to-nights happenings changed the murderers plans. Anyway, I can now convince you of the incredible and abominable truth. Markham studied him for several moments, and a startled light came in his eyes. God Almighty! he breathed. I see what you mean. He clicked his teeth together. But classic ray ban wayfarer first I must phone the hospital.

assassin was one of that strange household. Led by t classic ray ban wayfarer he cook, the officers began a round of the lower premises. One of the detectives borrowed the constables bulls-eye and, accompanied by a second officer, went outside to make an examination of the window sashes, while we remained inside assisting them in their search for any marks. Ethelwynn had been called aside by one of the detectives, and was answering some questio classic ray ban wayfarer ns addressed to her, therefore for an instant I found myself alone. It was the moment I had been waiting for, to secretly examine the clue I had obtained. I was near the door of the morning room, and for a second slipped inside and switched on the electric light. Then I took from my vest pocket the tiny little object I had found and carefully examined it. My heart stood still.

and amuse her. Lots of women in London do that regularly. They will play with a doctors heart as a sort of pastime, while the unfortunate medico often cannot afford to hold aloof for fear of offending. If he does, then evil gossip will spread among his patients and his practice may suf classic ray ban wayfarer fer considerably; for in no profession does a man rely so entirely upon his good name and a reputation for care and integrity as in that of medicine. I do not wish it for a moment to be taken that I am antagonistic to women, or that I would ever speak ill of them. I merely refer to the mean method of some of the idling class, who deliberate classic ray ban wayfarer ly call in the doctor for the purpose of flirtation and then boast of it to their intimates. To such, a mans heart or a mans future are of no consequence. The doctor is

; yet I could not, for the life of me, understand her mannerat one moment nervous and apprehensive, and at the next full of an almost imperious self-confidence. At times the expression in her eyes was such as justified her mother in the fears she had expressed to me. I tried to diagnose her symptoms, but they were t xxx classic ray ban wayfarer x oo complicated and contradictory. She spoke again of her sister, returning to the main point upon which she had sought the interview. She was a decidedly attractive woman, with a face rendered more interesting by her widows garb. But why was she masquerading so cleverly? For what reason had old Courtenay contrived to efface his identity so thoroughly? As I looked at her, mourning for a man who was alive and well, I utterly failed to comprehend one single fact of the astounding

uneducated gentlemen of the White-chapel Road. The English law is utterly ridiculous where coroners juries are concerned. The coroner heard his whispering, and looke classic ray ban wayfarer d towards us severely. We have not had sufficient time to investigate the whole of the facts connected with Mrs. Courtenays mysterious death, the inspector went on. You will probably recollect, sir, a mystery down at Kew some little time ago. It was fully reported in the papers, and created considerable sensat classic ray ban wayfarer ionan old gentleman was murdered under remarkable circumstances. Well, sir, the gentleman in question was Mrs. Courtenays husband. The coroner sat back in his chair and stared at the officer who had spoken, while in the court a great sensation was caused. Mention of the Kew Mystery brought its details vividly back to the

that it might be quite safe. When their eyes got used to the new wonderful light the children looke classic ray ban wayfarer d around them. The sky was very, very blue, and it sparkled and glittered and dazzled like the sea at home when the sun shines on it. They were standing on a littl classic ray ban wayfarer e clearing in a thick, low forest; there were trees and shrubs and a close, thorny, tangly undergrowth. In front of them stretched a bank of strange black mud, then came the brownyyellowy shining ribbon of a river. Then more dry, caked mud and more greeny-browny jungle. The only things that told that human people had been there were the clearing, a path that led to it, and an odd arrangement of cut reeds in the river. They looked at each other. Well! said Robert, this IS a change of air! It was. The air was hotter than they could

crowd of persons wh classic ray ban wayfarer o were no classic ray ban wayfarer t dressed in what the Queen thought was the proper way. We shall have the police here directly, said Anthea in the tones of despair. Oh, why did you come dressed like that? The Queen leaned against the arm of the horse-hair sofa. How else can a queen dress I should like to know? she questioned. Our Queen wears things like other people, said Cyril. Well, I dont. And I must say, she remarked in an injured tone, that you dont seem very glad to see me now I HAVE come. But perhaps its the surprise that makes you behave like this. Yet you ought to be used to surprises. The way you vanished! I shall never forget it. The best magic Ive ever seen. How did you do it? Oh, never mind about that now, said Robert. You see youve gone and upset all those people, and I expect