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calculations and forced him to reconstruct his trenches. As the case stands now, its a stalemate. The board will have to be set up againand, fortunately for us, the murderer gets the white pieces. Its his first move. He simply has to win the game, d ye see. We can afford to play for a draw. Im beginning to understand what you mean, Vance. Markham nodded slowly. Weve refused to follow his false moves, and now he must rebait his trap. Spoken with a precision and clarity wholly un gunmetal aviator ray ban becoming a lawyer, returned Vance, with a forced smile. Then he sobered again. Yes, I think he will rebait the trap before he takes any final steps. And Im hopin that the new bait will give us a solution to the entire plot and permit th gunmetal aviator ray ban e Sergeant to make his arrest. Well, all Ive gotta say, Heath complained, is that

slip from the smooth under-surface of the granite. Nine inches … ten inches … eleven … twelve… . The rack had almost reached its limit of elevation. With one final thrust downward, Va gunmetal aviator ray ban nce released the lever and tested the solidity of the extended jack. Its safe, I think… . Heath had already taken out his pocket-light and flashed it gunmetal aviator ray ban into the dark recesses of the sarcophagus. Mother o God! he gasped. I was standing just behind him, leaning over his broad shoulders; and simultaneously with the flare of his light I saw the horrifying thing that had made him call out. In the end of the sarcophagus was a dark, huddled human body, the back hunched upward and the legs hideously cramped, as if some one had hastily shoved it through the aperture, head first. Markham stood bending forward like a

the suspicions of the police. I intended at the earliest moment to apprise my friend, Ambler Jevons, of the facts and with him pursue an entirely independent inquiry. Scarcely had I safely pocketed the li gunmetal aviator ray ban ttle object I had picked up from where the murderer must have stood when the inspector went out upon the landing and called to the constable in the hall: Four-sixty-two, lock that door and come up here a moment. Yes, sir, answered a gunmetal aviator ray ban gruff voice from below, and in a few moments the constable entered, closing the door after him. How many times have you passed this house on your beat to-night, four-sixty-two? inquired the inspector. About eight, sir. My beats along the Richmond Road, from the Lion Gate down to the museum, and then around the back streets. Saw nothing? I saw a man come out of

to forget it all. Forget! she echoed in a hard voice, her eyes cast down despondently. Forget that night! Ah, no, I can never forget itnever! Chapter 14 Chapter 14 IS DISTINCTLY CURIOUS. The dark days of the London win gunmetal aviator ray ban ter brightened into spring, but the mystery of old Mr. Courtenays death remained an enigma inexplicable to police and public. Ambler Jevons had prosecuted independent inquiries assiduously in various quarters, detectives had watched the subsequent movements of Short and the other servants, but all to no purpose. The sudden disappearance of Short was discovered to be due to the illness of his brother. The identity of the ass gunmetal aviator ray ban assin, as well as the mode in which the extraordinary wound had been inflicted, both remained mysteries impenetrable. At Guys we were a trifle under-

and only then, it occurred to me that, having taken no note of the ho gunmetal aviator ray ban use, I should be unable to recognise it and denounce it to the police. But when one is in peril of ones life all other thoughts or instincts are submerged in the one frantic effort of self-preservation. Still, it was annoying to think that such scoundrels should be allowed to go scot free. Breathless, excite gunmetal aviator ray ban d, and with nerves unstrung, I opened my door with my latch-key and returned to my room, where the reading-lamp had burned low, for it had been alight all through the night. I mixed myself a stiff brandy and soda, tossed it off, and then turned to look at myself in the glass. The picture I presented was disreputable and unkempt. My hair was ruffled, my collar torn open from its stud, and one sleeve of my coat had been

bit brief, and to the point, was the elder constables remark. I wonder what is the affair mentioned by this mysterious correspondent? Evidentl gunmetal aviator ray ban y the fellow intended to bring off a robbery, or something, and Lane refused to give his aid. Apparently so, replied Ambler, fingering the last letter remaining in his hand. But this communication is even of greater interest, he added, turning to me and showing me writing in a well-known hand. I know that writing! I cried. Whythat letter is from poor Mrs. Courtenay! It is, he said, quietly. Did I not tell you that we were on the eve of a discovery, and that the dead man lying there coul gunmetal aviator ray ban d have told us the truth? Chapter 29 Chapter 29 THE POLICE ARE AT FAULT. Ambler Jevons read the letter, then handed it to me without comment. It was written upon the

land. But none could read the name. So I lay still. And this man dying gunmetal aviator ray ban and his son after him, the Amulet was sold by gunmetal aviator ray ban those who came after to a merchant, and from him you bought it, and it is here, and now, the name of power having been spoken, I also am here. This is what the voice said. I think it must have meant Napoleon by the small man, the conqueror. Because I know I have been told that he took an army to Egypt, and that afterwards a lot of wise people went grubbing in the sand, and fished up all sorts of wonderful things, older than you would think possible. And of these I believe this charm to have been one, and the most wonderful one of all. Everyone listened: and everyone tried to think. It is not easy to do this clearly when you have been listening to the kind of talk I have told

each of their best green Liberty sashes. A towel cut in two formed a lining; and they sat and sewed and sewed and sewed. What they were making was a bag for the Psammead. Each worked at a half of the bag. janes half had four-leaved shamrocks embroidered on it. They were the only things she could do because she had been taught how at school, and, fortunately, some of the silk she had been taught with was left over. And even so, Anthea had to draw the pattern for her. Antheas side of the bag had letters on itworked hastily but affectionately in chain stitch. They were something like this: PSAMS TRAVE gunmetal aviator ray ban L CAR She would have put travelling carriage, but she made the letters too b gunmetal aviator ray ban ig, so there was no room. The bag was made INTO a bag with old Nurses sewing machine, and the strings of it were