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voice, youll arrest me for this heinous murder. Butoh, my God, gentlemen!I assure you Vance had stepped toward him. Just a moment, doctor, he broke in. Dont upset yourself. Were not going to arrest you; but we would like an explanation of your amazin action. Why should you, if you are innocent, attempt to leave the country? Why … why? The man was nervous and excited. I was afraidthats why. Everything is against me. All the evidence points toward me… . Theres some one here who hates me and wants me out of the way. Its only too obvious. The planting of my scarab pin beside po ray ban 8305 or Kyles body, and that financial report found i ray ban 8305 n the murdered mans hand, and those terrible footprints leading to my studydont you think I know what it all means? It means that I must pay the priceI, I. He struck his

old cigarette-case and held it before Scarletts lips. After a glance at the case he turned excitedly to heath. The ambulance, Sergeant! Hurry! Scarletts still alive… . Heath dashed up the stairs and disappeared into the front hall. Markham regarded Vance intentl ray ban 8305 y. I dont understand this, he said huskily. Nor do Ientirely. Vances eyes were on Scarlett. I advised him to keep away from here. He, too, knew the danger, and yet… . You remember Rider ray ban 8305 Haggards dedication of Allan Quartermain to his son, wherein he spoke of the highest rank to which one can attainthe state and dignity of an English gentleman? 31 … Scarlett was an English gentleman. Knowing the peril, he came here to-night. He thought he might end the tragedy. Markham was stunned and puzzled. Weve got to take some sort of

sir. He was fined over at Brentford six months ago for letting a dog go unmuzzled. His greatest friend is one of the gardeners at the Palacea man named Burford, a most respectable fellow. Then theres no suspicion of anyone as yet? remarked the inspector, with an air of dissatisfaction. In criminal mysteries the police often bungle from the outset, and to me it appeared as though, having no clue, they were bent on manufacturing one. I felt in my vest ray ban 8305 pocket and touched the little object with a feeling of secret satisfaction. How I longed to be alone for five minutes in order to investigate it! The inspector, having dismissed the constable and sent him back to his post to unlock the door for the detective to pass out, next ray ban 8305 turned his attention to the servants and the remainder of the house.

On several occasions I had dined at Redcliffe Square, finding both Mrs. Henniker and her husband extremely agreeable. Henniker was partner in a big brewing concern at Clapham, and a very good fellow; while his wife was a middle-aged, fair-haired woman, of the type who shop of afternoons in High Street, Kensington. Ethelwynn had always been a particular favourite with both, hence she was a welcome guest at Redcliffe Square. Old Mr. Courtenay had had business relations with Henniker a couple of years before, and a slight diffe ray ban 8305 rence had led to an open quarrel. For that reaso ray ban 8305 n they had not of late visited at Kew. On the occasions I had spent the evening with Ethelwynn at their house I had watched her narrowly, yet neither by look nor by action did she betray any sign of a guilty secret. Her

jewellery, I knew; nevertheless, the deliberate shooting at me while I felt the patients pulse showed a determination to assassinate. By good fortune, however, I had ray ban 8305 escaped, and resolved to exercise more care in future ray ban 8305 when answering night calls to unknown houses. Sir Bernard did not come to town that day; therefore I was compelled to spend the afternoon in the severe consulting-room at Harley Street, busy the whole time. Shortly before six oclock, utterly worn out, I strolled round to my rooms to change my coat before going down to the Savage Club to dine with my friendsfor it was Saturday night, and I seldom missed the genial house-dinner of that most Bohemian of institutions. Without ceremony I threw open the door of my sitting-room and entered, but next instant stood still, for,

He spoke little, and when in Oxford Street, just at the corner of Newman Street, he descended, wished me a hurried good-night, and disappeared into the darkness. He was often given to strange vagaries of erratic movement. It was as though some thought had suddenly occurred to him, and he acted at once upon it. That night I scarcely closed my eyes ray ban 8305 . My brain was awhirl with thoughts of all the curious events of the past few monthsthe inexplicable presence of old Mr. Courtenay, and the subsequent death of Mary and of the only man who, according to Ambler, knew the remarkable secret. Ethelwynns strange words worried me. What could she mean? What did she know? Sure ray ban 8305 ly hers could not be a guilty conscience. Yet, in her words and actions I had detected that cowardice which a heavy conscience

the Psammead ran quickly to its sandy bath, and the others went ray ban 8305 down to tea. And until the cups were actually filled tea seemed less real than the beautiful voice and the greeny light. After tea Anthea persuaded the others to allow her to hang the charm round her neck with a piece of string. It would be so awful if it got lost, she said: it might get lost anywhere, you know, and it would be rather beastly for us to have to stay in the Past for ever and ever, wouldnt it? Chapter 4 Chapter 4 EIGHT ray ban 8305 THOUSAND YEARS AGO Next morning Anthea got old Nurse to allow her to take up the poor learned gentlemans breakfast. He did not recognize her at first, but when he did he was vaguely pleased to see her. You see Im wearing the charm round my neck, she said; Im taking care of itlike you told us to.

There was a good deal of discussion, but it all ended in everybodys agreeing to Janes idea. And next morning directly after breakfast which was kippers and very nice the Psammead was invited to get into his travelling carriage. The moment after it had done so, with stiff, furry reluctance, like that of a cat when you want to nurse it, and its ideas are not the same as yours, old Nurse came in. Well, chickies, she said, are you feeling very dull? Oh, no, Nurse dear, said Anthea; were having a lovely time. Were just going off to see some old ancient relics. Ah, said old Nurse, the Royal Academy, I suppos ray ban 8305 e? Dont go wasting your money too reckless, thats all. She cleared away the kipper bones and the tea-things, and when she had swept up the crumbs and removed the cloth, the Amulet was held ray ban 8305 up