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had a curious flavor. At first I thought ray ban female sunglasses Brush hadnt made it the way Id instructed him. Then I got drowsy, and forgot all about it… . Opium! I know the taste. I once had dysentery in Egypt, and took opium and capsicummy Sun Cholera Mixture 22 had run out. His mouth sagged open, and he gave Markham a look of terrified appeal. Poisoned in my own house! Suddenly a grim vindictiveness shone in his eyes. Youre right, sir, he said, with metallic hardness. I shouldnt have attempted to run away. My place is here, and my duty is to help you Yes, yes, doctor. Vance was palpably bored. Regrets are very comfortin, but were tryin to deal with facts. And thus far you havent been very h ray ban female sunglasses elpful… . I say, who had charge of the medical supplies? He put the question abruptly. Why … why … let me see… .

drew out a crumpled sheet of yellow scratch paper of the kind on which Salveters Egyptian exercise had been written, and after one glance at it thrust it into his own pocket. Hea ray ban female sunglasses th appeared at the door. O.K., he called down, I told em to rush it. How long will it take? Vance asked. Not moren ten minutes. I called Headquarters; and theyll relay it to the local station. They generally pick up the cop on the beatbut that dont delay things. Ill wait here at the door for em. Just a moment. Vance wrote something on the back of an envelope and handed it up to Heath. Call Western Union and get this telegram off. Heath took the message, read it, whistled softly, and went out into the hall. Im wiring Salveter at New Haven to leave the train at New London and ray ban female sunglasses return to New York, Vance explained to

of his wifes absence? the inspector asked presently. Yes ray ban female sunglasses . He remarked to me that it was time she returned. I presume that Short had told him. What time was this? Oh! about half-past ten, I should think, replied Nurse Kate. He said something about it being a bad night to go out to a theatre, and hoped she would not take cold. He was not angry? Not in the least. He was never angry when she went to town. He used to say to me, ‘My wifes a young woman, nurse. She wants a little amusement sometimes, and Im sure I dont begrudge it to her. This puzzled me quite as much as ray ban female sunglasses it puzzled the detective. I had certainly been under the impression that husband and wife had quarrelled over the latters frequent absences from home. Indeed, in a household where the wife is young and the husband elderly,

unpardonable, I knowonly I wanted to warn you of that man. Of Sir Bernard? I observed, laughing. Yes. But it appears that you have not heeded me, she sighed. I fear, Ralph, that you will regret some day. Why should I regret? Your fears are surely baseless. No, she answered decisively. They are not baseless. I have reasonsstrong onesfor urging you to break your connexion with him. He is no friend to you. I smiled. I knew quite well that he was no friend of hers. Once or twice of late he had said in that peevish snappy voice of his: I wonder what that woman, Mrs. Courtenays sister, is doing? ray ban female sunglasses I hear nothing of her. I did not enlighten him, for I had no desire to hear her maligned. I knew the truth myself sufficiently well. But t ray ban female sunglasses urning to her I looked straight into her dark luminous eyes,

Im only up fo ray ban female sunglasses r a couple of days, she answered. London has not the charm for me that it used to have, and she sighed heavily, as though her mind were crowded by bitter memories. Then raising her veil, and revealing her pale, handsome face, she said bluntly, The reason of my call is to talk to you about Ethelwynn. Well, what of her? I asked, looking straight into her face and noticing for the first time a curious shifty look in her eyes, such as I had never before noticed in her. She tried to remain calm, but, by the nervous twitching of her fingers and lower lip, I knew that within her was concealed a tempest of conflicting emotions. To speak quite frankly, Ralph, ray ban female sunglasses she said in a calm, serious voice, I dont think you are treating her honourably, poor girl. You seem to have forsaken her

examination, and together were engaged the whole evening in the laboratory of the hospital. Tatham was well skilled in the minuti. of the tests. The exact determination of the cause of death in cases of poisoning always depends partly on the symptoms noted before death, and partly on the appearances found a ray ban female sunglasses fter death. Regarding the former, neither of us knew anything; hence our difficulties were greatly increased. The object of the analyst is to obtain the substances which he has to examine chemically in as pure a condition as possible, so that there may be no doubt about the results of his tests; also, of course, to separate active substances ray ban female sunglasses from those that are inert, all being mixed together in the stomach and alimentary canal. Again, in dealing with such fluids as the blood, or the

tell anybody anything about thethethe person who told me. You wont forget your breakfast, will you? The learned gentleman smiled feebly and then frownednot a cross-frown, but a puzzle-frown. Thank you, he said, I shall always be pleased if youll look inany time youre passing you knowat least … I will, she said; goodbye. Ill always tell you anything I MAY tell. He had not had many adventures with children in them, and he wondered whether all children ray ban female sunglasses were like these. He spent quite five minutes in ray ban female sunglasses wondering before he settled down to the fifty-second chapter of his great book on The Secret Rites of the Priests of Amen Ra. It is no use to pretend that the children did not feel a good deal of agitation at the thought of going through the charm into the Past. That idea, that perhaps they might

uneventful stream. The children could never go out all at once, because they never knew when the King of Babylon would go out lion hunting and leave his Queen free to pay them that surprise visit to which she was, without doubt, eagerly looking forward. So they took it in turns, two and two, to go out and to stay in. The stay-at-homes would have been much duller than they were but for the new interest taken in ray ban female sunglasses them by the learned gentleman. He called Anthea in one day to show her a beautiful necklace of purple and gold beads. I saw one like that, she said, in In the British Museum, perhaps? I like to call the place where I saw it Babylon, said Anthea cautiously. A pretty fancy, said the learned gentleman, and quite correct too, becaus ray ban female sunglasses e, as a matter of fact, these beads did come from