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Department of the City of New York. Chapter 16 Chapter 16 A CALL AFTER MIDNIGHT Friday, July 13; 5:15 P.M. We found Doctor Bliss in the drawing-room, slumped in a deep sprawling chair, his tweed hat pulled down over his eyes. Beside him stood Guilfoyle s silver ray ban aviators mirror mirking triump silver ray ban aviators mirror hantly. Vance was annoyed, and took no pains to hide the fact. Tell your efficient bloodhound to wait outside, will you, Sergeant? O.K. Heath looked commiseratingly at Guilfoyle. Out on the cement, Guil, he ordered. And dont ask any questions. This aint a murder caseits a Halloween party in a bug-house. The detective grinned and left us. Bliss lifted his eyes. He was a dejected-looking figure. His face was flushed, and apprehension and humiliation were written on his sunken features. Now, I suppose, he said in a quavering

that the slightest jar, or the merest touc silver ray ban aviators mirror h on the jack, would bring the massive granite lid down upon them. Heath, too, realized thisI could see the glistening beads of sweat on his forehead as he watched the dangerous operation with fearful eyes. Slowly the body emerged through the small opening, and when the feet had passed over the edge of the sarcophagus and clattered to the floor, the flashlight went out, and Heath sprawled back on his haunches with a convulsive gasp. Hell! I musta stumbled, Mr. Vance, he muttered. I liked the Sergeant even more after that episode. Markham stood looking down at the inert body in stupefaction. Scarlett! he exclaimed in a voice of complete incredulity. Vance merely nodded, and bent over the prostrate figure. silver ray ban aviators mirror Scarletts face was cyanosed, due to

men, just go round to the station and send a wire to the Yard, asking for extra assistance. Give them a brief outline of the case. Theyll probably send down Franks or Moreland. If Im not mistaken, theres a good deal more in this mystery than meets the eye. The man addressed obeyed promptly, and left. What do you know of the servants here? asked the inspector of the constable. Not much, sir. Six-forty-eight walks out with the cook, Ive heard. Shes a respectable woman. Her fathers a lighterman at Kew Bridge. I know em all here by sight, of c silver ray ban aviators mirror ourse. But theres nothing against them, to my knowledge, and Ive been a constable in this sub-division for eighteen years. The manwhats his name?Short. Do you kn silver ray ban aviators mirror ow him? Yes, sir. Ive often seen him in the ‘Star and Garter at Kew Bridge. Drinks? Not much,

utterly passed his comprehension. Once or twice he referred to Ethelwynn, but it struck me that he did not give tongue to what passed within his mind for fear of offending me. His methods were based on patience, therefore I often wondered whether he was still secretly at work upon the case, and if so, whether he had gained any additional facts. Yet he told me nothing. It was a mystery, he saidt silver ray ban aviators mirror hat was all. Of Ethelwynn I saw but little, making my constant occupation with Sir Bernards patients my excuse. She had taken up her abode with Mrs. Hennikerthe cousin at whose house Mary had stayed on the night of the tragedy. The furniture at Richmond Road had been removed and the house advertised for sale, young Mrs. Courtenay having moved to her aunts house in the country, a few miles from B silver ray ban aviators mirror ath.

Feeling a trifle faint I sat in my chair, resting for a quarter of an hour or so; then, becoming more composed, I put out the study lights, and after a refreshing wash went to bed. The mornings reflections were somewhat disconcerting. A deliberate and dastardly attempt had been made upon my life; but with what m silver ray ban aviators mirror otive? The young woman, whose face was familiar, had, I recollected, asked most distinctly whether I was Doctor Boyda fact which showed that the trap had been prepared. I now saw the reason why she was unable to des silver ray ban aviators mirror cribe the mans sham illness, and during the morning, while at work in the hospital wards, my suspicions became aroused that there had been some deeper motive in it all than the robbery of my watch or scarf-pin. Human life had been taken for far less value than that of my

mystery. But the dead mans lips had closed, and his secret was held for ever. Only those letters remained to connect him with the river silver ray ban aviators mirror tragedy; or rather to show that he had communicated with the unfortunate Mrs. Courtenay. In company we walked to Leman Street Police Station, one of the chief centres of t silver ray ban aviators mirror he Metropolitan Police in the East End, and there, in an upper office, Ambler had a long consultation with the sergeant of the Criminal Investigation Department. I described the appearance of the body, and stated my suspicions of poisoning, all of which the detective carefully noted before going forth to make his own examination. My address was taken, so that I might assist at the post-mortem, and then, shortly after midnight I drove back westward through the City with Ambler at my side.

lest you lose me, and so remain in the Past for ever. Thats a nasty idea, said Robert silver ray ban aviators mirror . When you desire to return, the beautiful voice went on, hold me up towards the East, and speak the word. Then, passing through me, you shall return to this time and it shall be the present to you. But how A bell rang loudly. Oh crikey! exclaimed Robert, thats tea! Will you please make it proper daylight again so that we can go down. And thank you so much for all your kindness. Weve enjoyed ourselves very silver ray ban aviators mirror much indeed, thank you! added Anthea politely. The beautiful light faded slowly. The great darkness and silence came and these suddenly changed to the dazzlement of day and the great soft, rustling sound of London, that is like some vast beast turning over in its sleep. The children rubbed their eyes,

Princess that came to marry the King in Babylon. She told me about the larks they have in Egypt. And the cats. Do lets go there. And I told her what the bird things on the Amulet were like. And she said it was Egyptian writing. The others exchanged looks of silent rejoicing at the thought of their cleverness in having concealed from Jane the terrors they had suffered in the dungeon below the Euphrates. Egypts so nice too, Jane went on, because of Doctor Brewers Scripture History. I would like to go there when Joseph was dreaming those curious dreams, or when Moses was doing wonderful things with snakes and sticks. I dont care about snakes, said Anthea shuddering. W silver ray ban aviators mirror ell, we neednt be in at tha silver ray ban aviators mirror t part, but Babylon was lovely! We had cream and sweet, sticky stuff. And I expect Egypts the same.