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dont like the things in that morgue. And I specially dont like that black co ray ban black clubmaster ray ban black clubmaster ffin under the front windows. Whats in it, Mr. Vance? The granite sarcophagus? Really, I dont know, Sergeant. Its empty in all probability, unless Doctor Bliss uses it as a storage chestwhich isnt likely, considerin the weight of the lid. There came a knock on the hall door, and Snitkin informed us that Guilfoyle had arrived with Doctor Bliss. There are one or two questions, Vance said, that I want to ask him. Then, I think, Markham, we can toddle along: Im fainting for muffins and marmalade… . Quit now? demanded Heath in astonished disgust. Whats the idea? Weve just begun this investigation! Weve done more than that, Vance told him softly. Weve avoided every snare laid for us by the murderer. Weve upset all his

threshold of some appalling revelation. Vance inserted the elevating lever, which Heath handed him, into the socket, and moved it carefully up and down. The jack worked perfectly. At each downward thrust of the lever there was a metallic click as the detent slipped into the groove of the rack. Inch by inch the end of the ponderous granite lidwhich must have weighed over half a ton 30 rose. Heath suddenly stepped back in alarm. Aint you afraid, Mr. Vanc ray ban black clubmaster e, that the lidll slide off the other end of the coffin? No, Sergeant, Vance assured him. The friction alone of so heavy a mass would hold it at a much greater angle than this jack could tilt it. The head of the cover was now eight inches in the clear, and Vance was using both hands on the lever. He had to wor ray ban black clubmaster k with great care lest the jack

had stood, I suddenly felt something uneven between the sole of my boot and the carpet. So intent was I upon the examination I was making that at first my attention was not attracted by it, but on stepping on it a second time I looked down and saw something white, which I quickly picked up. The instant I saw it I closed my hand and hid it from view. Then I glanced furtively around, and seeing that my action had been unobserved I quickly transferred it to my vest poc ray ban black clubmaster ket, covering ray ban black clubmaster the movement by taking out my watch to glance at it. I confess that my heart beat quickly, and in all probability the colour at that moment had left my face, for I had, by sheer accident, discovered a clue. To examine it there was impossible, for of such a character was it that I had no intention, as yet, to arouse

was always apologetic where Mary was concerned, and had always sought to conceal her shortcomings and domestic infelicity. It was that point which so sorely puzzled me. Why should my love for you become suddenly extinguished? I asked, for want of ray ban black clubmaster something other to say. I dont know, she faltered. I cannot tell why, but I have a distinct distrust of the future, a feeling that we are drifting apart. She spoke the truth. A woman in love is quick of perception, and no feigned affection on the mans part can ever blind her. I saw that she read my heart like an open book, and at once strove to reassure her, trying to bring myself to ray ban black clubmaster believe that I had misjudged her. No, no, dearest, I said, rising with a hollow pretence of caressing her tears away. You are nervous, and upset by the tragedy. Try

weapon again. They saw that I knew how to shoot, and probably feared that I might inflict a fatal hurt. As I approached the front door, and was fumbling with the lock, the third man flung himself upon me, determined that ray ban black clubmaster I should not escape. With great good fortune, however, I managed to unbolt the door, and after a desperate struggle, in which he endeavoured to wrest the weapon from my hand, I succeeded at last in gripping him by the throat, and after nearly strangling him flung him to the ground and escaped into the street, just as his associates, hearing his cries of distress, dashed downstairs to his assistance. Wit ray ban black clubmaster hout doubt it was the narrowest escape of my life that I have ever had, and so excited was I that I dashed down the street hatless until I emerged into Lisson Grove. Then,

grunted, and appeared to view the letters with considerable satisfaction. Any documentary evidence surrounding a case of mysterious death is always of interest. In this case, being of such a suspicious nature, it was doubly so. Are you quite decided not to assist me? another letter ran. It was likewise type-written, and from the same sou ray ban black clubmaster rce. Recollect you did so once, and were well paid for it. You had enough to keep you in luxury ray ban black clubmaster for years had you not so foolishly frittered it away on your so-called friends. Any of the latter would give you away to the police to-morrow for a five-pound note. This, however, is my last appeal to you. If you help me I shall give you one hundred pounds, which is not bad payment for an hours work. If you do not, then you will not hear from me again.Z. Seems a

knew the word of power, and spoke it for me, so that the Amulet became invisible, and thus returned to my shrine, but the shrine was broken down, and ere any magic could rebuild it one spoke a word before which my power bowed down and was still. And the Amulet lay there, still perfect, but enslaved. T ray ban black clubmaster hen one coming with stones to rebuild the shrine, dropped a hewn stone on the Amulet as it lay, and one half was sundered from the other. I had no power to seek for that which was ray ban black clubmaster lost. And there being none to speak the word of power, I could not rejoin it. So the Amulet lay in the dust of the desert many thousand years, and at last came a small man, a conqueror with an army, and after him a crowd of men who sought to seem wise, and one of these found half the Amulet and brought it to this

Psammead morosely. I cant go out with nothing on. And I wont, whats more. And then everybody remembered with pain that the bass bag had, in the hurry of departure from Babylon, not been remembered. But its not so extra precious, said Robert hasti ray ban black clubmaster ly. You can get them given to you for nothing if you buy fish in Farringdon Market. Oh, said the Psammead very crossly indeed, so you presume on my sublime indifference to the things of this disgusting modern world, to fob me off with a travelling equipage that costs you nothing. Ver ray ban black clubmaster y well, I shall go to sand. Please dont wake me. And it went then and there to sand, which, as you know, meant to bed. The boys went to St Jamess Park to feed the ducks, but they went alone. Anthea and Jane sat sewing all the afternoon. They cut off half a yard from