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letter, and mixed them with the contents of the waste-basket. Then he folded up Salveters original letter and placed it in his pocket. Do you mind, Sergeant, returning the paper and ink to the museum? You oughta been a crook, Mr. Vance, Heath remarked goodnature ray ban cost dly, picking up ray ban cost the pad and ink-stand and disappearing through the steel door. I dont see any light, Markham commented gloomily. The farther we go, the more involved the case becomes. Vance nodded sombrely. Theres nothing we can do now but await developments. Thus far weve checked the murderers king; but he still has several moves. Its like one of Alekhines chess combinationswe cant tell just what was in his mind when he began the assault. And he may produce a combination that will clean the board and leave us defenseless… . Heath

arrival at the house he took out a cigarette and lighted it. Every line of reasoning leads here, Markham. He spoke in a low, hopeless tone. There was no necessity for the evidence to have been taken away. In the first place, it would have been too hazardous; and, in the second place, we were not supposed to have suspected anything for a day or two… . His voice faltered and his body went suddenly taut. He wheeled toward Heath. An automobile jack! A dynamic change had come over him. Oh, my aunt! I wonder … I won ray ban cost der… . He hurried toward the black sarcophagus beneath the front windows, and scrutinized it anxiously. Too high, he murmured. Three feet from the floor! It couldnt have been done… . But it had to be donesomehow… . He looked about him. That taboret! He pointed to a small ray ban cost solid

revealing what I had never noticed before, the door of a small fireproof safe built into the wall. Is it locked? inquired the inspector. The man, after trying the knob and examining the keyhole, replied in the affirmative. Keeps his deeds and jewellery there, I suppose, remarked one of the other detectives. He seems to have been very much afraid of burglars. I ray ban cost wonder whether he had any reason for that? Like many old men he was a trifle eccentric, I replied. Thieves once broke into his country house years ago, I ray ban cost believe, and he therefore entertained a horror of them. We all examined the keyhole of the safe, but there was certainly no evidence to show that it had been tampered with. On the contrary, the little oval brass plate which closed the hole was rusty, and had not apparently been

stood there sparkling beneath the light. You know well, she said hoarsely. Until the tragedy. From that moment, Ralph, you changed. You are not the same to me as formerly. I feelI feel, she confessed, covering her face with her hands and sobbing bitterly, I feel that I have lost you. Lost me! I dont understand, I said, feigning not to comprehend her. I feel as though you no longer held me in esteem, she faltered through her tears. Something tells me, Ralph, thatthat y ray ban cost ray ban cost our love for me has vanished, never to return! With a sudden movement she raised her veil, and I saw how white and anxious was her fair countenance. I could not bring myself to believe that such a perfect face could conceal a heart blackened by the crime of murder. But, alas! all men are weak where a pretty woman is concerned.

had fired at close range. At Guys many stories have been told of similar cases where doctors, known to wear valuable watches, diamond rings or scarf pins, have been called at night by daring thieves and robbed; therefore I always, as precaution, pl ray ban cost aced my revolver in my pocket when I received a night call to ray ban cost a case with which I was not acquainted. I had not disregarded my usual habit when I had placed my thermometer and stethoscope in my pocket previous to accompanying the girl; therefore it reposed there fully loaded, a fact of which my assailants were unaware. In much quicker time than it takes to narrate the incident I was again pounced upon by all three, the man with the sponge in readiness to dash it to my mouth and nostrils. But as they sprang forward to seize me, I raised my hand

held you in fear, Ambler. My companion laughed againa quiet self-satisfied laugh. Then he commenced the second letter, type-written like the first, but evidently upon another machine. Dear Lane,Your terms seem exorbitant. I quite understand that at least four or five of you must be in the affair, but the price asked is ridiculous. Besides, I didnt like Bennetts tone when he spoke to me yesterday. He was almost threatening. What have you told him? Recollect that each of us ray ban cost knows something to the detriment of the other, and even in these days of so-called equality the man with money is always the best. You must contrive to shut Bennetts mouth. Give him money, if he wants itup to ten pounds. But, of course, do not say that it comes fr ray ban cost om me. You can, of course, pose as my friend, as you have

thats smashed into dust, and the dust scattered all over the place. If you would find it, said the voice, You must seek it where it still is, perfect as ever. I dont understand, said Cyril. In the Past you may find it, said the voice. I wish we MAY find it, said Cyril. The Psammead whispered crossly, Dont you understand? The thing existed in the Past. If you were in the Past, too, you could find it. Its very difficult to make you unde ray ban cost rstand things. Time and space are only forms of thought. I see, said Cyril. No, you dont, said the Psammead, and it doesnt matter if you ray ban cost dont, either. What I mean is that if you were only made the right way, you could see everything happening in the same place at the same time. Now do you see? Im afraid I dont, said Anthea; Im sorry Im so stupid. Well, at any

me. I like her too. And she talked ray ban cost to the Psammead and I went to sleep. And then you woke me up. Thats all. The Psammead, roused from its sound sleep, told the same story. But, it added, what possessed you to tell that Queen that I could give wishes? I sometimes think you were born without even the most rudimentary imitation of brains. The children did not know the meaning of rudimentary, ray ban cost but it sounded a rude, insulting word. I dont see that we did any harm, said Cyril sulkily. Oh, no, said the Psammead with withering irony, not at all! Of course not! Quite the contrary! Exactly so! Only she happened to wish that she might soon find herself in your country. And soon may mean any moment. Then its your fault, said Robert, because you might just as well have made soon mean some moment next