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reappeared at this moment, looking uneasy. I dont like that damn room, he grumbled. Too many corpses. Why do these scientific bugs ray ban frames women have to go digging up mummies and things? Its what you might call morbid. A perfect criticism of Egyptologists, Sergeant, Vance replied with a sympathetic grin. Egyptology isnt an archaeological scienceits a pathological condition, a cerebral visitationdementia scholastica. Once the spirillum terrigenum enters your syst ray ban frames women em, youre lostcursed with an incurable disease. If you dig up corpses that are thousands of years old, youre an Egyptologist; if you dig up recent corpses youre a Burke or a Hare, and the law swoops down on you. It all comes under the head of body-snatching… . 20 Be that as it may,Heath was still troubled and was chewing his cigar viciouslyI

oak stand, about twenty inches high, against the wall near the Asiatic wooden statue. It was not there last night; it was beside the desk-table by the obeliskScarlett was using it. As he spoke he went to the taboret and picked it up. And the top is scratchedtheres an indentation… . He placed the stand against the head of the sarc ray ban frames women ophagus. Quick, Sergeant! Bring me that jack. Heath obeyed with swiftness; and Vance placed the jack on the tabor-et, fitting its base over the scars in the wood. The lifting-head came within an inch of the under-side of the sarcophaguss lid where it extended a few inches over the end elevation between the two p ray ban frames women rojecting lion-legged supports at the corners. We had gathered about Vance in tense silence, not knowing what to expect but feeling that we were on the

touched for weeks. While they were searching in other parts of the room I directed my attention to the position and appearance of my late patient. He was lying on his right side with one arm slightly raised in quite a natural attitude for one sleeping. His features, although the pallor of death was upon them and they were relaxed, showed no sign of suffering. The blow had been unerring, and had no doubt penetrated to the heart. The crime had been committed swiftly, and th ray ban frames women e murderer had escaped unseen and unheard. The eider-down quilt, a rich one of Gobelin blue satin, had scarcely been disturbed, and save for the small spot of blood upon the sheet, tra ray ban frames women ces of a terrible crime were in no way apparent. While, however, I stood at the bedside, at the same spot most probably where the murderer

After all, it is feminine wiles and feminine graces that rule our world. Man is but a poor mortal at best, easily moved to sympathy by a womans tears, and as easily misled by the touch of a soft hand or a passionate caress upon the lips. Diplomacy is inborn in woman, and although every woman is not an advent ray ban frames women uress, yet one and all are clever actresses when the game of love is being played. The thought of that letter I had read and destroyed again recurred to me. Yes, she had concealed her secretthe secret of her attempt to marry Courtenay for his money. And yet if, as seemed so apparent, she had nursed her hatred, was it not but natural that she should assume a hostile attitude towards her sisterthe woman who had eclips ray ban frames women ed her in the old mans affections? Nevertheless, on the contrary, she

swiftly, took aim, and fired straight at the holder of the sponge, the bullet passing through his shoulder and causing him to drop the an.sthetic as though it were a live coal, and to spring several feet from the ground. God! Im shot! he cried. But ere the words had left his mouth I fired a second chamber, inflicting a nasty wound in the neck of the fellow with the black beard. Shoot! shoot! he cried to the third man, but it was evident that in the first struggle, when I had been seized, the mans revolver had dropped on the carpet, and in the semi-darkness he could not recov ray ban frames women er it. Recognising this, I fired a pot shot in the mans direction; then, opening the door, sprang down the stairs into the hall. One of them followed, but the other two, wounded as the ray ban frames women y were, did not care to face my

done before. I shallbe at the usual place to-night.Z. Looks as though ray ban frames women theres been some blackmailing, one of the constables remarked. Whos Bennett? I ray ban frames women expect thats Bobby Bennett who works in the Meat Market, replied the atom of a man who had accosted us at Aldgate. He was a friend of Lankys, and a bad un. Ive eard say that e ad a record at the Old Bailey. What for? Ousebreakin. Is he working now? Ambler inquired. Yes. I saw im in Farrindon Street yesterday. Ah! remarked the constable. We shall probably want to have a chat with him. But the chief mystery is the identity of the writer of these letters. At all events it is evident that this poor man Lane knew something to his detriment, and was probably trying to make money out of that knowledge. Not at all an unusual case, I said. Jevons

rate, you see this. That lost half of the Amulet is in the Past. Therefore its in the Past we must look for it. I mustnt speak to the charm myself. Ask it things! Find out! Where can we find the other part of you? asked Cyril obediently. In the Past, said the voice. What part of the Past? I may not tell you. If you will choose a time, I will take you to the place that then held it. You yourselves must find it. When did you see it last? asked AntheaI mean, when was it tak ray ban frames women en away from you? The beautiful voice answered That was thousands of years ago. The A ray ban frames women mulet was perfect then, and lay in a shrine, the last of many shrines, and I worked wonders. Then came strange men with strange weapons and destroyed my shrine, and the Amulet they bore away with many captives. But of these, one, my priest,

year or next century. Thats where you, as so often happens, mak ray ban frames women e the mistake, rejoined the Sand-fairy. I couldnt mean anything but what SHE meant by soon. It wasnt my wish. And what SHE meant was the next time the King happens to go out lion hunting. So shell have a whole day, and perhaps two, to do as she wishes with. SHE doesnt know about time only being a mode of thought. Well, said Cyril, with a sigh of resignation, we must do what we can to give her a good time. She was jolly decent t ray ban frames women o us. I say, suppose we were to go to St Jamess Park after dinner and feed those ducks that we never did feed. After all that Babylon and all those years ago, I feel as if I should like to see something REAL, and NOW. Youll come, Psammead? Wheres my priceless woven basket of sacred rushes? asked the