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door cautiously with trembling hands. Suddenly, Vance wheeled about and caught him by the arm, spinning him round. What do you know about the occurrence here to-night? he demanded in a low tone. The butlers eyes bulged and his jaw sagged. Nothingnothing, he managed to stammer. Really, now! Then why are you so frightened? Vance did not relax his hold. Im afraid of this place, came the plaintive answer. I want to leave her ray ban aviator sizing e. Strange things are going on So they are. But dont fret; youll be able to look for another berth before long. Im glad of that, sir. The man seemed greatly relieved. But what has happened to-ni ray ban aviator sizing ght, sir? If youre ignorant of what has taken place, returned Vance, how do you happen to be here at this hour awaiting our arrival and acting like a villain in a melodrama? I was

you. The tin was hidden in Mr. Salveters room. Thanks awfully. Vance was almost brusque. And now return to the hall. Hani went out and softly cl ray ban aviator sizing osed the door. And by not going down to breakfast yesterday morning, Vance continued, Bliss knew that his wife and Salveter would be in the breakfast-room alone, and that Salveter might easily have put the opium in the coffee… . But, asked Markham, if you knew Bliss put the opium in his own coffee, why all the interest in the samovar? I had to be sure who it was Blisss plot was aimed at. He was trying to make it appear that he was the victim of the plot; and since his object was to involve some one else, I knew the real victim would have had to have access ray ban aviator sizing to the coffee yesterday morning. Heath nodded ponderously. Thats easy enough. The old boy

finding that it creaked, had probably closed it by degrees; hence it gave a series of creaks, which to the girl had sounded in the silence of the night like those of new boots. Ambler Jevons had, almost at the opening of his inquiry, cleared up one point which had puzzled us. When he had concluded his examination of the room and re-covered the dead face with the sheet, we emerged into the corridor. Then I told him of the servants statement. Boots! he echoed in a tone of impatience. Would a murderer wear creaking boots? It was the door, of course. It opens noiselessly, but when closed quietly it creaks. Curious, however, that ray ban aviator sizing he should have risked the cr ray ban aviator sizing eaking and the awakening of the household in order to close it. He had some strong motive in doing so. He evidently had a motive in the

much as though she had every desire to regain her freedom from a matrimonial bond that galled her. That she was grief-stricken over his death showed that I had entirely misjudged her character. Is she at home now? I asked. Yes, in her ray ban aviator sizing own sitting-roomthe room we used as a schoolroom when the girls were at home. Sometimes she mopes there all day, only speaking at meals. At others, she takes her dressing-bag and goes away f ray ban aviator sizing or two or three daysjust as the fancy takes her. She absolutely declines to have a maid. You mean that shes just a littlewell, eccentric, I remarked seriously. Yes, Doctor, answered the old lady, in a strange voice quite unusual to her, and fixing her eyes upon me. To tell the truth I fear her mind is slowly giving way. I remained silent, thinking deeply; and as I did not

either fell in or was pushed in a long way higher up, because half-a-mile away, not far from the lock, theres distinct marks in the long grass, showing that somebody went off the path to the brink of the river. And close by that spot they found her black silk shawl. She went out without a ha ray ban aviator sizing t, then? I remarked, recollecting that when she had met her husband in secret she had worn a shawl. Could it be possible that she had met him again, and that he had made away with her? The theory seemed a sound one in the ray ban aviator sizing present circumstances. It seems to me, sir, that the very fact of her taking her shawl showed that she did not intend to be out very long, the butler said. It would almost appear that she went out in the night in order to meet somebody, I observed. The old man shook his head

said. I recollect having detected in her a strange vagueness of manner, but it never occurred to me that she was mentally weak. In the days immediately preceding the tragedy I certainly saw but little of her. She was out nearly every evening. She was not responsible for her actions for several weeks together sometimes, Sir Bernard interrupted. I discovered it over a year ago. And you profited by your discovery! my love cried, tur ray ban aviator sizing ning upon him fiercely. The crime was committed at your instigation! she declared. At my instiga ray ban aviator sizing tion! he echoed, with a dry laugh. I suppose you will say next that I hypnotised heror some bunkum of that sort! Im no believer in hypnotic theories. They were exploded long ago, she answered. But what I do believenay, what is positively proved from my poor sisters own

once explained to Cyril that the sun did not really set in the West at allnor rise in the East either, for the matter of that. The Psammead had crept out of the bass-bag when they were not looking and had basely deserted them. An enemy was approaching. There would be a fight. People get killed in fights, and the idea of taking part in a fight was one that did not appeal to the children. The man who had brought the news of the enemy still lay panting on the sand. His tongue was hanging out, long and red, like a dogs. The people of the village were hurriedly filling the gaps in th ray ban aviator sizing e fence with thorn-bushes from the heap that seemed to have been piled there ready for just such a nee ray ban aviator sizing d. They lifted the cluster-thorns with long polesmuch as men at home, nowadays, lift hay with a fork. Jane bit

embroidered bag, and lay flat on the table, its leg stretched out, looking more like a dead hare than anything else. Thank Goodness thats over, said Anthea, drawing a deep breath. She wont come back, will she? asked Jane tremulously. No, said Cyril. Shes thousands of years ago. But we spent a whole precious pound on her. Itll take all our pocket-money for ages to pay that back. Not if it was ALL a dream, said Robert. The wish said ALL a dream, you know, Panther; you cut up and ask if he lent you anything. I beg your pardon, said Anthea politely, following the sound of her knock into the presence of the l ray ban aviator sizing earned gentleman, Im so sorry to trouble ray ban aviator sizing you, but DID you lend me a pound today? No, said he, looking kindly at her through his spectacles. But its extraordinary that you should ask me, for