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over the phone. An attempt has been made on Doctor Blisss life, Markham told him. Heath whistled softly. I certainly didnt expect that, sir. Neither did Mr. Vance. The rejoinder was intended as a taunt. We went up the stone steps to the vestibule, ray ban glasses sunglasses but before we could ring the bell Brush opened the door. He placed his forefinger to his lips and, leaning forward mysteriously, said in a stage whisp ray ban glasses sunglasses er: Doctor Bliss requests that you gentlemen be very quiet so as not to disturb the other members of the household… . Hes in his bedchamber waiting for you. Brush was clad in a flannel robe and carpet slippers, but despite the hot sultriness of the night he was visibly shivering. His face, always pale, now appeared positively ghastly in the dim light. We stepped into the hall, and Brush closed the

distended with excitement. I knew he was pretending, and that made me suspect Id find a drug in his coffee. But what about the can? Heath put the question. I never did get that can business straight. You sent Hani Now, Sergeant! Vance spoke good-naturedly. I knew where the can was, and I merely wanted to ascertain how much Hani knew. But I see the Sergeants point, Markham put in. We dont know that the ray ban glasses sunglasses opium can was in Salveters room. Oh, dont we, now? Vance turned toward the hall. Hani! The Egyptian opened the sliding door. I say;Vance looked straight into the mans eyesIm dashed admirin of your deceptive attitude, but we c ray ban glasses sunglasses ould bear some facts for a change.Where did you find the opium tin? Effendi, there is no longer any need for dissimulation. You are a man of profound wisdom, and I trust

and folding his arms gazed straight and long upon the dead mans features. Then he gave vent to a kind of dissatisfied grunt, and turned down the coverlet in order to examine the wound, while I stood by his side in silence. Suddenly he swung round on his heel, and measured the paces between the bed and the door. Then he went to the window and looked out; afterwards making a tour of the room slowly, his dark eyes searching everywhere. He did not open his lips in the presence of the dead. He only examined everything, swiftly and yet carefully, ray ban glasses sunglasses opening the door slowly and closing it just as slowly, in order to see whether it creaked or not. It creaked when closed very slowly. The crea ray ban glasses sunglasses king was evidently what the under-housemaid had heard and believed to be the creaking of boots. The murderer,

futile verdict. As far as I can gather, not one single point has been cleared up. No, I said; not one. And my poor Mary! exclaimed old Mrs. Mivart; she is beside herself with grief. Time seems to increase her melancholy, instead of bringing forgetfulness, as I hoped it would. Where is Mrs. Courtenay? I asked. Here. Shes been back with me for nearly a m ray ban glasses sunglasses onth. It was to see her, speak with her, and give me an opinion that I asked you to ray ban glasses sunglasses come down. Is she unwell? I really dont know what ails her. She talks of her husband incessantly, calls him by name, and sometimes behaves so strangely that I have once or twice been much alarmed. Her statement startled me. I had no idea that the young widow had taken the old gentlemans death so much to heart. As far as I had been able to judge, it seemed very

the others, I flew down post-haste, and there she was, poor thing, under the surface, with her dress caught in the bushes that droop into the water. Her hat was gone, an ray ban glasses sunglasses d her hair, unbound, floated out, waving with the current. We at once got a boat and took her out, but she was quite dead. Four men from the village carried her up here, and theyve placed her in her own room. The police know about it, of course? Yes, we told old Jarvis, the constable. Hes sent a telegram to Oundle, I think. And what doctor has seen her? Doctor Govitt. Hes here now. Ah! I must see him. He has examined the body, I suppose? I expect so, sir. Hes been a long time in the room. And how is it believed that the poor young lady got into the water? I asked, anxious to obtain the local theory. It ray ban glasses sunglasses s believed that she

was barely half-past one. At two oclock Short, awakened by his alarum clock, made the discovery and aroused the house. What followed you know well enough. I need not describe it. ray ban glasses sunglasses You can imagine what I felt, and how guilty was my conscience ray ban glasses sunglasses with the awful knowledge of it all. The circumstances were certainly most puzzling, I remarked. It almost appears as though matters were cleverly arranged in order to baffle detection. To a certain extent they undoubtedly were. I knew that the Hennikers would say nothing of poor Marys erratic return to them. I did all in my power to withdraw suspicion from my sister, at the risk of it falling upon myself. You suspected me, Ralph. And only naturallyafter that letter you discovered. But Marys homicidal tendency seems to have been carefully concealed, I

said Jane, dancing about in her agony of terror. Nobody knew. So they opened the fish-bag to ask the Psammead. And the bag h ray ban glasses sunglasses ad only a waterproof sheet in it. The Psammead was gone. Hide the sacred thing! Hide it! Hide it! whispered the girl. Cyril shrugged his shoulders, and tried to look as brave as he knew he ought to feel. Hide it up, Pussy, he said. We are in for it now. Weve just got to stay and see it out. Chapter 5 Chapter 5 THE FIGHT IN THE VILLAGE Here was a horrible position! Four English children, whose proper date was A.D. 1905, and whose proper address was London, set down in Egypt in the year 6000 B.C. with no means whatever of ge ray ban glasses sunglasses tting back into their own time and place. They could not find the East, and the sun was of no use at the moment, because some officious person had

is head now. A dream? I wish to goodness it was all a dream. And, of course, instantly it was! The entire Stock Exchange rubbed its eyes and went back to close, to over, and either side of seven-eights, and Trunks, and Kaffirs, and Steel Common, and Contangoes, and Backwardations, Double Options, and all the interesting subjects concerning which they talk in the Street withou ray ban glasses sunglasses t ceasing. No one said a word about it to anyone else. I think I have explained before that business men do not like it to be known that they have been dreaming in business hours. Especially mad dreams including such dreadful things as hungry people getting dinners, and the destruction of the Stock Exchange. The children were in the dining-room at 300, Fitzroy Street, pale and trembling. The Psam ray ban glasses sunglasses mead crawled out of the